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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 8/28/14

Location: Maine Municipal Association, Augusta Time: Registration - 4:00-4:30 p.m. Program - 4:30-8:30 p.m. Cost: Members: MMA Me...
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MMA's Elected Officials Workshop sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 8/28/14 (Video Conference)

Location: Sunrise County Economic Council, Machias (Live Video Conference) Time: Registration - 4:00-4:30 p.m. Program - 4:30-8:3...
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MMA's Fair Labor Standards Act For Public Employers sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 10/21/14

Location: Maine Municipal Association, Augusta Time: Registration - 8:00-8:30 a.m. Program - 8:30-4:00 p.m. Cost: Members: MMA Me...
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MMA's Local Planning Boards and Boards of Appeal sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 10/22/14

Location: Bethel Inn, Bethel Time: Registration - 4:00-4:30 p.m. Workshop - 4:30-8:30 p.m. Light Meal - 6:00pm Cost: Members: MMA...
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MMA's Labor and Employment Law: Managing Municipal Personnel sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 10/28/14

Location: Maine Municipal Association, Augusta Time: Registration - 8:30-9:00 a.m. Seminar - 9:00-2:30 p.m. Cost: Members: MMA Me...
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MMA's Personnel Practices Workshop sponsored by Maine Municipal Association - 11/18/14

Location: The Green Ladle, Lewiston Regional Technical Center, Lewiston Time: Registration - 8:00 a.m. Program - 8:30-4:00 p.m. C...
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Recent Announcements

08/11/2014 - Maine Fire Chief of the Year

The Maine Fire Chiefs’ Association seeks nominations for its Fire Chief of the Year Award. The deadline to nominate someone is Sept. 2. The award will be given out as part of the Maine Municipal Association Convention on Oct. 1.

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07/29/2014 - GrowSmart Maine Summit 2014 – Oct. 21, Augusta Civic Center

Join GrowSmart Maine on Oct. 21 at the Augusta Civic Center for their 2014 summit: "The Dollars and $ense of Smart Growth".

Join the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as it presents the Working Cities Challenge, a groundbreaking effort to support leaders who are reaching across sectors to ensure that smaller cities are places of opportunity and prosperity for all their residents. Additional speakers will discuss the dollars and sense of smart growth, as well as the essential connections between urban and rural interests across Maine.

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07/25/2014 - Real Estate Seminar

The 2014 Real Estate Institute will be held on Sept. 12-13 at the Augusta Civic Center, and municipal officials are entitled to member discounts if they attend. The event, coordinated by the Maine State Bar Association, will include a presentation on municipal subdivisions as well as other topics that town and city officials may find useful.

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07/16/2014 - GA, Immigration: Legal Analysis Released

Maine Municipal Association retained the law firm of Bernstein Shur to analyze the confusing situation involving local General Assistance benefits and illegal aliens, or immigrant asylum seekers. Attorneys Paul MacDonald and Eben Albert-Knopp on Monday issued a 10-page analysis on those topics. MMA hopes that members – which continue to process GA requests on a daily basis – will find the legal guidance helpful. The document is 23 pages long with supporting exhibits.

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07/14/2014 - New Executive Committee Member Appointed

Patricia Sutherland, who recently was elected to a fourth term on the Town of Chapman’s Select Board, has been named to the Executive Committee of the Maine Municipal Association. Sutherland officially began her term with MMA in May.

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07/10/2014 - MMA Takes Action for Clarity on GA, Immigration Issue

At 2:45 p.m. today, Maine Municipal Association filed a Petition for Review in Cumberland County Superior Court seeking to clarify the confusing situation about whether municipalities legally should or can provide local General Assistance Benefits to illegal aliens. The City of Portland and City of Westbrook are co-plaintiffs in the suit.

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07/09/2014 - MMA Election Ballot: Please Vote

Maine Municipal Association Executive Director Chris Lockwood sent member municipalities an update on the MMA Executive Committee election process. The deadline for filing a petition to the MMA Nominating Committee’s Slate of Vice President and Members to Serve on the Executive Committee closed on July 7. It is now time for member municipalities to complete their voting ballots. Ballots are due by noon on Friday, Aug. 15, and will be counted under the direction of MMA President Peter Nielsen.

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07/02/2014 - 2014 Municipal Priorities Paper Released

Maine Municipal Association today released its 2014 Municipal Priorities Paper, a 30-page report that highlights the major issues and challenges facing towns and cities, including: the Legislature’s continuing retreat from the state revenue-sharing law; stalled funding on public education; and, how many Maine municipalities are collaborating and sharing resources locally, without getting much credit for it.

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07/01/2014 - MMA Seeks Court Intervention, Legal Opinion on GA-Immigration

Maine Municipal Association Executive Director Christopher Lockwood on Monday alerted members that MMA will go to state Superior Court in an effort to get a definitive answer on how municipalities should determine whether to provide – or decline to provide – General Assistance benefits to illegal aliens who live in Maine, and may request assistance.

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06/24/2014 - MMA Ethel Kelley Memorial Award – Call for Nominations

The Maine Municipal Association is pleased to offer an opportunity for your municipality to nominate one of your own for the Association’s most prestigious award. This is the 29th year the Maine Municipal Association has made the Ethel Kelley Memorial Award in the name of dedication to the cause of good local government.

The Ethel Kelley Memorial Award will be presented to the successful municipal recipient by a member of the Selection Panel on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at the MMA Awards Luncheon being held during the MMA Annual Convention at the Augusta Civic Center.

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06/19/2014 - Training: School and Workplace Violence: Planning and Response

The Brewer Police Department and the Brewer School Department are hosting a two day training entitled “School and Workplace Violence: Planning and Response” on August 18 and 19 at the Brewer Community School. This course is intended for business managers and owners; school administrators; police agencies; fire agencies; dispatch services; and management of all other organizations such as government entities, churches, and medical centers.

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06/18/2014 - GA Issue: Maine Attorney General Follows Up

Attorney General Janet Mills sent a letter to Geoff Herman, Maine Municipal Association’s Director of State & Federal Relations, on June 17 stating that the state Department of Health & Human Services put municipalities in a “Catch 22” position with its recent directive that cities and towns not extend public assistance benefits to illegal aliens. Mills said her office is likely to advise DHHS against penalizing municipalities that abide by current law and continue extending benefits as they currently do.

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06/17/2014 - Maine Municipal Association Guidance on General Assistance, Illegal Aliens

MMA Executive Director Christopher Lockwood today sent a memo to all municipal officials outlining the organization’s response to the state Department of Health & Human Services’ recent directive regarding public assistance benefits and illegal aliens who live in the state. Along with the memo, MMA is releasing a June 13 DHHS analysis of the situation and a memo from the Maine Attorney General’s Office, which disagrees with DHHS.

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06/11/2014 - Recruiting First Responders

The Maine Fire Chiefs Association and Lee Auto Malls have launched a multimedia campaign – which includes television advertising – to help recruit firefighters and other first responders. In an aging state such as Maine, recruiting fire officials, EMTs and paramedics is a constant effort.

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06/10/2014 - U.S. Supreme Court and Municipal Law

Via a free webinar on July 18, you can join Carter Phillips, Sidley Austin, who has argued more Supreme Court cases than any other lawyer currently in private practice, Collin O’Connor Udell, Jackson Lewis, who argued a public employment case before the Supreme Court this term, and Adam Liptak, The New York Times Supreme Court correspondent, in a discussion of the most significant cases decided this term affecting state and local government.  Cases to be discussed include, among others, Michigan’s affirmative action ban, warrantless searches of cell phones, speech “buffer zones,” and two Clean Air Act cases.

This free webinar is co-sponsored by the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) and the State and Local Legal Center (SLLC). 

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06/04/2014 - Street Design, Form-Based Codes

Smart street design is essential to form-based code building and creating quality public spaces. A webinar on June 11 will address these topics, and more.

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05/30/2014 - Questions for the Next Governor?

In the coming weeks and months, Maine Municipal Association will reach out to the leading candidates for Governor of Maine in a number of ways, including an issues-oriented meeting set for early August and a candidates’ forum planned for the MMA Convention, Oct. 1-2 at the Augusta Civic Center. Do you have topic areas and/or questions that you want to see addressed? While we may not be able to ask everyone’s question, we are collecting topic areas now, so this is a good time to let us know what is on your mind. If you have suggested topics, please forward your ideas via email to our President, Peter Nielsen (Manager in the Town of Oakland) at: pnielsen@oaklandmaine.us. Thank you!

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05/30/2014 - Proposed Slate for 2015 MMA Executive Committee

The MMA Nominating Committee is pleased to put forth the Proposed Slate for MMA Vice President and Executive Committee Members. The MMA Executive Committee is the governing body of the Maine Municipal Association and is made up of the three officers and nine members. The officers are elected to serve one-year terms and the members are elected to serve staggered three-year terms. Pursuant to the MMA Bylaws, nominations may also be made by Petition signed by a majority of the municipal officers in each of at least 5 member municipalities. The deadline for Nominations by Petition is by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, July 7, 2014.

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