2017 Keynote Speaker: Bruce Boguski

Our 2017 keynote speaker is Bruce Boguski, a sought-after, personal empowerment speaker whose life story sets the stage for his presentation. At age 18, Bruce was involved in a car accident that left him with a broken neck and a diagnosis that he would never walk again. Six months later, he walked out of the hospital – and he has never looked back. Today, Bruce speaks to groups around the country about how a positive attitude makes all the difference when dealing with difficult citizens, a challenging work environment and, really, just life in general. (Note: Our previously scheduled speaker, Norman Katz, had to withdraw from our event.)

2017 Municipal HR & Management Conference - Agenda

8:00 am:  Registration

8:45 am:  Welcome (Summit Rm) 
Welcome by Stephen W. Gove, Executive Director, Maine Municipal Association, and Nick Isgro, Mayor of Waterville

9:00 – 10:00 am:  Keynote Presentation (Summit Rm)

Successful Living in a Guerrilla World
Session summary: Financial pressure, the aftermath of 9/11, unrest in other parts of the world and countless other factors make it impossible for any of us to live without pressure and stress. In this powerful presentation, you will learn how to regain and keep control of your career and personal life. Now is the time to become mentally tough and conquer the serious challenges that face us all in the 21st Century.
Presenter:  Bruce Boguski, motivational speaker, author, columnist and media personality.
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Leadership category

10:00 – 10:15 am:  Break/Visit with Sponsors

10:15 – 11:15 am:  Block 1

Marijuana in the Work Place (Auditorium)
It’s legal. It’s accepted. And it is in your community. Now, how do municipalities – as employers – monitor and enforce rules about on-the-job safety and responsibilities regarding the personal use of marijuana? Learn what the law allows, and does not allow, regarding marijuana use and detection.
Presenter:  Attorney Stephen E. F. Langsdorf, chair of the Municipal Law Group and senior partner in the Employment Law and Litigation practice groups, Preti Flaherty.
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources category

GASB and – the Last Gasp? (Rooms 103/104)
What could be more fun than talking about health insurance and health-care reform?  How about GASB 45? This session will bring you updates on both of these topics, and hopefully provide insights into the future of both. Join Martin Hanish, MMA’s Chief Financial Officer, for a discussion of GASB 45 and the upcoming transition to GASB 75; and Anne Wright, Director of Health Trust Services, for an update on the ever-changing world of health-care reform – which parts of the Affordable Care Act are still in effect, and which may be changing. This session is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!
Presenters: Martin Hanish, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Financial Planning, Maine Municipal Association; Anne Wright, Director, Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust.
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Finance/Budget categories

Freeport: A Hands-On Succession Case Study (Summit Rm)
Few towns were presented with the top management and succession-planning challenges that Freeport has seen in 2015, 2016 and this year, as a series of well-respected department heads retired. Here are the lessons learned during a trying transition period in one Maine town, a period that ended with optimism about the future of Freeport’s municipal operation.
Presenters: Peter Joseph, Manager, Town of Freeport; Charlie Jordan, Fire Chief, Town of Freeport
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Leadership category

11:25 – 12:20 pm:  Block 2

The Smart Approach to Union Negotiations (Auditorium) 
Expiring union contracts with municipal employees present challenges – and opportunities. At our members’ request, this workshop will offer strategic advice about preparing for labor negotiations before both sides get to the bargaining table, and what to do when that day comes.    
Presenters: Attorney Linda McGill, Bernstein Shur; David Barrett, Director of Personnel Services & Labor Relations, MMA
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Legal categories categories

Social Media Dos and Don’ts (Rooms 103/104)
Municipalities are in the communication game, like it or not. This workshop offers examples and tips on effectively using social media, as well as practical advice on employee use of social media both on and off the job.
Presenters: Attorney Michael Stultz, MMA Legal Services Department; Detective Dorothy Small, City of Ellsworth; Eric Conrad, Director of Communication & Educational Services, MMA
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Leadership and Human Resources categories

Ethics in the Workplace (Summit Room)
We all want employees to perform their duties with the highest of ethical standards. Come and learn practical ways to build an ethical culture in every department of your town or city.
Presenter: Kristen Kellner, HR Consultant/Chief Learning Officer, KMA Human Resources Consulting, LLC 
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Ethics category

12:20 – 1:20 pm:  Lunch 
Cafeteria style, “picnic” stations, can sit in cafeteria or outside.

1:20 – 1:30 p.m. Break/Visit with Sponsors

1:30 – 2:30 pm:  Block 3

Defensible Documentation (Auditorium)
Back from 2016 by popular demand! A little preparation goes a long way. Attendees will be presented with useful templates necessary to include in every employee’s personnel file. Deb Whitworth’s motto is “keep it simple” and by the end of this session participants will know what to do, documentation-wise, and how to do it.
Presenter: Deb Whitworth, owner and CEO, HR Studio Group 
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Legal categories

Why It Matters: Maintaining a Healthy Weight (Rooms 103/104)
Healthy living starts with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Here’s how to get there or, if you’re already at a healthy weight, how to keep a good thing going! 
Presenter:  Libby Parr, Health Promotion Specialist, MaineGeneral Workplace Health

Best Employment Practices – and a New Hotline  (Summit Rm) 
Employers today face a dizzying array of laws, regulations and potential challenges. Issues surrounding employee discipline, wage and hour, disability accommodation and social media can affect both morale and municipal finances. Attendees will learn about these issues and a telephone hotline – offered through a new program, “EPL Assist” – that will provide expert legal advice to members of the MMA Property & Casualty Pool.
Presenter: Melinda “Mindy” J. Caterine, attorney and shareholder, Littler Employment & Labor Law Solutions, Portland and Boston
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Legal categories

2:30 – 2:45 pm:  Break/Visit with Sponsors

2:45 – 3:45 pm:  Block 4

Building a Discrimination Free Work Environment (Auditorium)
Age, religious, gender and other forms of discrimination are constant concerns for municipal employers. This presentation will help you build a “discrimination free” environment, with a special focus on using care with older workers and the ancillary challenges – medical and otherwise – that they can bring.
Presenter: Rebecca S. Webber, Attorney, Skelton, Taintor & Abbott, Auburn 
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Legal categories

Live Demonstration: The ‘New’ MMA Salary Survey (Rooms 103/104)
This Internet-based session will walk attendees through MMA’s latest employment tool, which allows members to “slice and dice” salary and HR benefit information with considerable ease. Come learn more about this new tool and see it in action.
Presenters: Holly Maki, Dynamic Benchmarking; Carol Weigelt, Web Publishing Technician, MMA; Eric Conrad, Director of Communication & Educational Services, MMA 
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources and Leadership categories

HIPAA for Municipalities, A-Z (Summit Rm)
If your city or town has an EMT or first responder service – paid, volunteer, nonprofit or otherwise – a violation may be just one call away.  This session will cover what it means to make a declaration under HIPAA, what can go wrong and what you need to do in terms of reporting, training, policy development, preparing for an OCR investigation and more. In addition, we will walk through the distinct differences between HIPAA requirements and general privacy requirements under employment law as it relates to private health information and personal non-public information. 
Presenters: Robert Bower, Jr. and Katlyn Davidson, Attorneys, Norman, Hanson & DeTroy, LLC 
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Human Resources, Legal and Ethics categories

3:45 – 4:00 pm:  Wrap up and thank you

Municipal HR Conference

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