November 2009 Election Results

(from Maine Townsman, December 2009)
By Kate Dufour, Legislative Advocate, MMA

The results of the November 2009 election are well known by now, and the energy infused into the various campaigns has subsided. The Secretary of State recently published the official voting results, however, and what is remarkable is how uniform across the state the voting results were from county-to-county. On all seven questions on the ballot, generally, there was relatively little distinction in the voting results among the northern, eastern, western or southern Maine regions. That phenomenon was particularly striking with respect to the two questions municipal officials were most closely following: Question 2, the excise tax initiative; and Question 4, TABOR II.

As shown in the table, 74% of the voters statewide rejected the passage of the excise tax initiative. On a county-by-county basis, votes in opposition to Question 2 ranged from 72% (York County) to 77% (Hancock County).Countywide Results on Questions 2 and 4

There was a little more geographic variation with respect to the vote on the TABOR II initiative, where 60% of the voters rejected the measure on a statewide basis. On a county-by-county basis, votes in opposition to Question 4 ranged from 55% (Piscataquis County) to 63% (Hancock County).

For countywide and statewide election results for all of the questions on the November 2009 ballot, please see the Secretary of State’s website at the following address:

MMA would like to thank all the municipal officials who worked on both of these campaigns. Without the local level support, the defeat of these initiatives would not have been possible.