Municipal Calendar
(from the July 2009 Maine Townsman)

BY AUGUST 1 — Urban Rural Initiative Program (URIP) certification forms must be returned to MaineDOT Community Services Division prior to August 1st. This is an annual certification that must be completed by a municipality to receive URIP funds. Effective July 1, 2008, there is a requirement for municipalities to provide information on how the previous fiscal year's funds were expended.

ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 15 — Monthly/Quarterly expenditure statement and claim for General Assistance reimbursement to be sent to Department of Human Services, General Assistance Unit, DHS #11, Augusta, ME 04333 (22 MRSA §4311).

BETWEEN MAY 1 AND OCTOBER 1 — Municipal officers may initiate process to close certain ways during winter months (23 MRSA §2953). For further information, see the MMA Municipal Roads Manual.

BY SEPTEMBER 1 — Clerks of organized plantations shall make return to the Secretary of State, on blanks furnished by him for that purpose, of the names of the assessors and clerks of their plantation and that the same have been sworn. There is a penalty for failure to make such a return (30-A MRSA §7005).