Municipal Calendar
(from the June 2009 Maine Townsman)

JULY 4 — Independence Day — A legal holiday (4 MRSA §1051).

ON OR BEFORE JULY 15 — Monthly/Quarterly expenditure statement and claim for General Assistance reimbursement to be sent to Department of Human Services, General Assistance Unit, DHS #11, Augusta, ME 04333 (22 MRSA §4311).

ON OR BEFORE JULY 31 — Every employer required to deduct and withhold tax for each calendar quarter shall file a withholding return and remit payment as prescribed by the State Tax Assessor (36 MRSA §5253).

BETWEEN MAY 1 AND OCTOBER 1 — Municipal officers may initiate process to close certain ways during winter months (23 MRSA §2953). For further information, see the MMA Municipal Roads Manual.

BY JULY 31 — Supply certification to the Maine Department of Transportation that Rural Road and Urban Compact Initiative Program funds will be used consistent with the requirements of the law (23 MRSA §1804).