Municipal Calendar
(from the March 2009 Maine Townsman)

BY APRIL 1 — Municipal officers shall issue warrants for collection of fees on unlicensed dogs (7 MRSA §3943).

DURING APRIL — Municipal officers of municipalities over 2,000 population, and of any other town so voting at town meeting, shall appoint an inspector of buildings (25 MRSA §2351).

APRIL 1 — Municipal assessments are controlled by this date (36 MRSA §502).

— Monthly/Quarterly expenditure statement and claim for General Assistance reimbursement to be sent to Department of Human Services, General Assistance Unit, DHS #11, Augusta, ME 04333 (22 MRSA §4311).

APRIL 20 — Patriot’s Day, third Monday in April, a court holiday (4 MRSA §1051).

ON OR BEFORE APRIL 21 — Every employer required to deduct and withhold tax shall, for each calendar quarter, file a withholding return and remit payment as prescribed by the State Tax Assessor (36 MRSA §5253).