Municipal Calendar
(from the October 2009 Maine Townsman)

BY NOVEMBER 1 — Any governmental subdivision holding tangible or intangible property presumed abandoned under 33 MRSA §1953 must make report to the Administrator of Abandoned Property of the State Treasury Department, pursuant to 33 MRSA §1958.

BY NOVEMBER 1 — Or 30 days after the date of commitment, whichever is later, the municipal assessors and assessors of primary assessing areas shall make return to the State Tax Assessor all information as to the assessment of property and collection of taxes. The forms of such return shall be supplied by the State Tax Assessor (36 MRSA §383)

NOTE: Failure to file this return in a timely manner could result in loss of tree growth reimbursement (36 MRSA §578).

PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 3 — Election Day. Registrars of voters shall accept registration prior to the November 3 election according to the time schedule of their population group (21-A §122[6]).

— The Registrar shall publish his/her time and hourly schedules in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality at least 7 days before it becomes effective. In municipalities of 2,500 or less population, this publication is discretionary rather than compulsory (21-A MRSA §125).

— The hourly schedule for voter registration established by 21-A MRSA §122 may be changed by the municipal officer according to the needs of the municipality (21-A MRSA §122[8]).

NOVEMBER 11 — Veteran’s Day. A legal holiday (4 MRSA §1051).

ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 15 — Monthly/Quarterly expenditure statement and claim for General Assistance reimbursement to be sent to Department of Human Services, General Assistance Unit, 11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 [22 MRSA §4311].

NOVEMBER 26 — Thanksgiving Day, a legal holiday (4 MRSA §1051; 20-A §4802)