New on the Web
(from the August/September 2010 Maine Townsman)

Here are some highlights of what’s been added at since the last edition of the Maine Townsman.

•Truck Weight Limits. Your attention is requested to support the Maine Congressional Delegation in securing a permanent 100,000-pound truck limit on interstate highways. The MMA is gathering information and data to show how the higher truck weight limit would positively impact municipalities, residents and businesses.

• Annual Report Contest. The deadline to receive your municipality’s Annual Report for our annual contest is Sept. 1. Please send them to the MMA Resource Center at: 60 Community Drive, Augusta, ME 04330. Information is available at the website if you want to make sure your report was received.

• Fiber-Optic Cable Subsidy. Certain municipalities may be eligible for subsidies to install fiber-optic cables, through the Maine Fiber Company. More information is available through the website.

• Citizen Education. Posters, handouts and a newly narrated presentation of how property taxes work are now available from the MMA in a branded “toolkit” that leaders can use to answer common questions about municipal government.