(from the
April 2006 Maine Townsman)

In Ripley,newcomer Thomas Dyson was elected to the board of selectmen, and Sandra Blaney was re-elected after running unopposed on March 4.

Cushing selectmen David Glidden and Peter Haviland were re-elected to the board, both to serve three-year terms.

In Searsport, Aaron Fethke and incumbent Joe Perry won the two open seats on the board of selectmen. This will be Perry’s third, three-year term.

In Waterford, Norman Rust was elected to the board of selectmen on March 3.

In an election for two seats on the Sabattus Board of Selectmen, Gino Camardese and William Henshaw emerged the winners on March 3. Both positions are for three-year terms.

In Canton, incumbent Jacqueline Conant was re-elected on March 10 to a three-year term on the board of selectmen.

Longtime Cherryfield Selectman Charles Tenan was defeated by newcomer Joe Strout by four votes. Tenan had served as selectman for approximately 40 years. Also joining the board this year is another newcomer, David Livingstone, who will fill a one-year vacancy created by the resignation of Randy Perry, former chair.

Duane Gray was elected to the Blue Hill board of selectmen, winning a three-year term.

In Allagash, Danny Pelletier, Joseph Hafford and Clayton McBreairty were elected to one-year terms on the board of selectmen.

In Frenchville, incumbent Gary Thibeault and Gary Picard were elected to three-year terms on the board of selectmen.

In a four-way race, Scott Berry was elected on March 6 to serve a three-year term on the Carthage Board of Selectmen.

Incumbent Bruce Brierley was returned to the first selectman position in Searsmont on March 18.

Longtime selectman in Otisfield, Lenny Adler stepped down from the board on March 4. Adler served on the town’s board for 27 years, and served as the town’s fire chief for four years. He will continue to serve as the town’s assistant fire chief.

In Monticello, incumbent Jimmy Burpee was re-elected to the board of selectmen, and Marjorie Peterson was elected to the other open seat.

Alfred Skolfield and Lewis Conrad were elected to serve three-year terms on the Island Falls Board of Selectmen, and Wallace Townsend was elected to a two-year term.

Rebecca Beal and Daniel Davis were elected as selectmen in Beals.

Former West Paris Selectman Wade Rainey was elected to a three-year term on the board and David Henderson was elected to a two-year term on March 4.

In Mars Hill, incumbent Penny Rideout and Wade McCrum were elected to three-year terms on the town council on March 20.

Bridgton Fire Chief Tom Harriman resigned his post effective March 31, citing time demands and personal reasons. Harriman had served for several years as assistant chief, and became chief two years ago

Hallowell Mayor Barry Timson resigned after city councilors voted to fire City Manager James Rhodes on March 17. Councilor Andrew McPherson will serve as mayor until the next election.

Bath Police Chief Pete Lizanecz will retire on April 14 after nearly 27 years with the department. Lizanecz has been hired as a medical malpractice detective for the office of the Maine Attorney General in Augusta beginning on April 24.

Viola Tibbetts was elected as Bingham’s tax collector – this being the last year in which the town will elect a town collector. Residents voted to change the office of tax collector to an appointed position beginning next year. Tibbetts plans to retire later this year, after more than 20 years of service.

In St. George, incumbent Leeanne Cote was re-elected to serve a three-year term on the board of selectmen in an uncontested race.

Waldoboro Fire Chief Bob Maxcy died March 9. Maxcy served as a member of the fire department for 56 years.

Swan's Island Fire Chief Daniel Barnes, 67, died on March 15. Barnes had been instrumental in building up the island's fire department. Robert Gardner has been named as the new fire chief.