Letter To The Editor (Sidebar)

from Maine Townsman, July 2004)

To my municipal colleagues:

       As a Maine Municipal Association representative and chairman of the Political Action Committee formed for the purpose of furthering tax reform, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the Question 1 campaign and its results.  I would also like to thank the hundreds of municipal officials who worked in support of the campaign.

       First and foremost, we won.  The citizens of Maine adopted Question 1 and I look forward to seeing its full implementation during the next legislative session.

       There has been some speculation on what actions the MMA might take or support in regard to this implementation.  That speculation is premature since the implementation of Question 1 will be the responsibility of the newly-elected Legislature when it takes office next January.  At this point the electorate has spoken and we respect their message.

       Prior to the June 8th vote, the Political Action Committee made every effort possible to work with the administration and the legislature to come to a compromise.  Those efforts were unsuccessful and were abandoned when the legislature adjourned without taking action.  In a further effort to indicate the Associationís willingness to work together despite the lack of progress, MMA State and Federal Relations representatives went so far as to participate with a small group of legislators in a resolution supporting compromise.  That resolution was not adopted.

       I have done my best to represent the ideals and goals of this group over the past two years.  I am proud of the campaign that we ran, the efforts of our members and partners, and of our efforts to work with all parties throughout this process.  We now move forward with the will of the people of Maine behind our efforts to implement the results of the referendum.  It is my hope that the newly elected legislature will respect the vote and move forward to implement it in its entirety in a manner that shows the people of Maine that their voice has been heard in Augusta.


Dana Lee, Chairman, Citizens to Reduce Local Property Taxes Statewide/Town Manager, Mechanic Falls