Ed MacDonald Safety Grant Program


MMA’s Risk Management Services is committed to assisting its’ Workers’ Compensation Fund members in their safety efforts. The prevention of occupational injury and illness is in everyone’s best interest. The primary purpose of the Safety Enhancement Grant is designed to fund equipment or items that reduce the risk of injury to workers and promote safe and healthy conditions in the workplace.


Current Workers’ Compensation Fund members are eligible to apply. The grants are awarded in Spring of each year. To be eligible for the Spring grant period, your application must be received by close of business April 15th

Important Note: To support slip, trip and fall prevention, we are dedicating 25% of the grant funds to this effort. Requests that target slip, trip, and fall prevention will take priority. If a member has an employee injury exposure greater than slip, trip, and falls, based on their own claims experience for frequency and severity, that application will also be a priority.

Grant request must be for single items or groups of related items.

Items cannot be purchased until you are notified a grant has been awarded. Notification to each grant applicant on the disposition of their application will be sent after that grant period closes. Projects that receive funding from other grant programs or funding sources are not eligible for this Safety Enhancement Grant.


Members are eligible for a maximum award of $3,000 per application. Total cost of the request amount must be a minimum of $200. Only one application can be submitted per grant period per membership.

Items must be purchased by May 1st (Spring grant) of the following year. We reserve the right to review appropriate documentation of all expenses.

Evaluation Criteria

Grant funds disbursed under this program are intended to purchase safety equipment that directly enhance the health and safety of employees.

Strong preference will be given to first time applicants who demonstrate a compelling request that addresses an injury history, potential injury or provides a proactive approach to injury prevention.

Applications requesting items that directly enhance the safety of employees from severe or frequent workplace exposures and demonstrate a need to provide or replace non-existent or sub-standard equipment will be given priority. Applications that do not meet program guidelines will not be considered and awards are contingent on available funds.

Examples of Qualifying Equipment

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Outdoor slip resistant mats
  • Heated Sidewalks
  • Improved Lighting
  • Ice Creepers

Related Items Grouped Examples

  • Cones, Hi-Viz Vests, Stop/Slow Paddles (Traffic Control Equipment)
  • Cold-water Immersion Suits, Throw Ropes, Life Vest (Cold-water Rescue)
  • Body Harnesses & Lanyards (Fall Protection)


Safety Grant Application (pdf)



Safety Grant FAQ (pdf)



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