Loss Control Services

Professional loss control & loss prevention services are provided by MMA’s highly trained loss control consultants. Consultants work with members individually to provide extensive training programs and assist in development of safety programs specifically designed for municipalities. They also conduct hazard surveys, property inspections and provide estimates of insurable building values for members.

Online University

The Online University is a service we offer with our vendor, NEOGOV. They specialize in working with industry and government. 

The training is based on the National Safety Council’s Green Cross Safety Suite and is adapted to the State of Maine safety standards. This service is being offered as an enhancement to the live training currently available to members of the Workers Compensation Fund and Property & Casualty Pool. 

Online safety training is flexible with courses ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It is possible to begin work on a course, exit at any point with a bookmark, then return when it's convenient and pick up at the same place. 

The courses are user friendly, easy to navigate and no additional computer training is required. In addition, employees may print off certificates of completion for each program successfully completed. Administrators can also easily track courses completed by their staff.

The Administers on the site are able to upload policies for the employees to sign off on at the same time they take the training.

Every month we highlight three courses. To view featured courses for the current month, click here.

Criteria for who can and cannot have access to the Online University

Can be set up as Learners:

  • An employee or volunteer under a covered department
  • Any elected official of the Member
  • Member of the Worker’s Compensation Fund or Property & Casualty Pool

Cannot be set up as Learners:

  • A third party contractor
  • Not an employee of the Member
  • A group or organization that the Member contracts with to provide a service
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