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The on-going response to the Coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for all of us as we look for ways to stay in contact with and provide services to the public. We at MMA understand some municipal offices have closed, some are operating with reduced staffing, while others have reduced hours of operation.

MMA Risk Management Services wants all of our members to have as much time as possible to review, decide, and act on their involvement in the Workers Compensation Safety Incentive Program. To assist with this, we are, for 2020 only, going to extend the deadlines for members to send the WCSIP Acknowledgement and the Resolve to MMA.

For 2020 only:

The Acknowledgment will be due on or before July 1.

The Resolve will be due on or before September 1.

The Data Verification form will remain due to us on or before September 1.

Please send all completed forms or forward any questions to us at

Workers' Compensation Safety Incentive Program - Introduction

Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Services has designed a program to work in partnership with our Workers’ Compensation Fund members to improve workplace safety and the member's workers’ compensation experience.  The goals of this program are to:

  • Reduce the incidence of injury and illness throughout the operations
  • Improve overall safety in the work environment
  • Maintain lines of communication with all employees
  • Protect members assets
  • Promote a self‐sustaining safety culture
  • Utilize best practices claim management
  • Provide financial incentives which reward our partnership toward safety
Participation in the program will be on a voluntary basis and eligible credits will be applied effective January 1, 2021. These credits will only be added at the next renewal (no mid‐term adjustments will be made). Each member must elect to be part of the program on or before April 1 and provide all completed documentation by September 1. The Risk Management Services team will work with the member to help achieve its safety goals.

Each qualifying member may receive an incentive credit up to 10%The program is tiered into three levels based on documented performance.  The tiers and associated credits are:

Tier I....................... 5%

Tier II.................... 7.5%

Tier III.................... 10%

The application of a tier credit will not reduce the annual contribution below the minimum contribution level.  However, for those members affected by the minimum contribution level (currently $500 or less) they will receive additional consideration as part of a safety enhancement grant application.  
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