Housing Diversity Study - RFP - Cape Elizabeth


The Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine (pop. 9,534), www.capeelizabeth.com, located within the Greater Portland Maine metropolitan area, seeks professional consulting assistance to perform a Housing Diversity Study to assess current housing conditions and recommend actions to create affordable housing.

Description of work

The 2019 Cape Elizabeth Comprehensive Plan includes a recommendation to conduct a Housing Diversity Study. The study should evaluate current housing costs, needs, impacts on services and other relevant elements in the town and recommend actions to create more affordable and attainable housing opportunities in the Town of Cape Elizabeth. The study should provide a wide range of options for the town to consider.

Scope of Work

The Town is requesting a proposal based on the following Tasks and deliverables. Proposals should be based on Tasks 1-3, however, supplemental recommendations may also be included. Each Task should be completed in one month, after which the consultant will present Task results to the Town Council and solicit input to guide the direction for the next task. The consultant will prepare a report for each Task, in digital form suitable for posting online, at least 7 days before the Town Council meeting. Public input will be accepted at each meeting. Town staff will be available to coordinate with consultant, including managing meeting logistics.

Task 1: Data Package: The consultant will collect and package housing data on current housing inventory, occupancy, diversity of units and affordability in the Town of Cape Elizabeth and comparison communities. Much of this data is available in the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, however, use of 2020 US Census data should be the primary source to the extent possible. The proposal should identify the housing data elements recommended for the study. (Estimated completion deadline February 18, 2022)

Task 2: Specific housing creation goals: The consultant will draft specific affordable housing creation goals, which shall include a targeted total number of affordable housing homes to create over the next 10 years, and may also include types of housing, size of housing units (bedrooms), split of rental/ownership housing and range of affordability (50%-120% of area median income). (Estimated completion deadline March 25, 2022)

Task 3: a. Land Use changes: The consultant will recommend land use regulations to align town development requirements with affordable housing targets. Recommendations should be wide ranging and potentially include affordable housing creation methods not currently in use in the Town. Recommendations should align with available affordable housing funding programs, reflect the limited amount of land available for development and ready availability of infrastructure.  

b. Other municipal actions: The consultant will recommend other affordable housing production actions, including but not limited to use of municipal land or town purchase of land for development of affordable housing and transfer payments to service center communities to create affordable housing. (Estimated completion May 6th)

Proposal contents: The proposal shall include:

1.    The proposer shall lay out a workplan responding to the scope of work.
2.    The principal doing the work, as well as any partnering firms or entities, should be identified, with contact information, and their qualifications provided. Three references shall be provided.
3.    The proposer shall indicate that they have sufficient time to dedicate to the Housing Diversity Study and to complete work to be performed no later than May 15, 2022, unless extended by the Town of Cape Elizabeth.
4.    The proposer shall provide examples of similar completed work (links are preferred).
5.    Cost to perform the project.


$ 20,000 will be made available for this project, and may be adjusted at the discretion of the Cape Elizabeth Town Council.

Evaluation of Proposals: The Town of Cape Elizabeth will review proposals and selected proposers may be asked to schedule an interview. In evaluating the proposals, the following may be considered:

1.    The quality of the proposal in responding to the scope of work.
2.    The ability, capacity, and skill of the bidder to perform the contract,
3.    Whether the bidder can perform the contract promptly, without delay or interference;
4.    The quality of performance of previous contracts or services;
5.    The number and scope of conditions attached to the proposal;
6.    In the event of proposals of equal quality and service, preference may be given to a local vendor.
7.    Assuming notification of a successful proposal by January 21, 2022, when will work commence.

Proposal submission deadline: January 7, 2022
Submission: One digital copy and one paper copy of the proposal shall be submitted to:

Maureen O’Meara, Town Planner 320 Ocean House Rd
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

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