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Responses due August 26, 2022



The Maine Municipal Association seeks engineering services to assist in the planning and replacement of the existing HVAC Control System at the MMA facility located at 60 Community Dr. in Augusta, ME.

Firm(s) selected will be evaluated in part on their ability to deliver required professional services on time and within budget, and their demonstrated capability to provide an appropriate solution based on their response and subsequent interview.


The Maine Municipal Association (MMA) is a voluntary membership organization offering an array of professional services to municipalities and other local governmental entities in Maine. MMA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization governed by an Executive Committee elected from its member municipalities. Founded in 1936, MMA is one of 49 state municipal leagues that, together with the National League of Cities, are recognized at all governmental levels for providing valuable services and advocating for collective municipal interests.


The MMA seeks a qualified engineering firm to assess the current building HVAC system and assist in the RFP process for an updated HVAC control system.

The current control system was installed 20+ years ago.

There are significant issues with the current HVAC system, including, but not limited to:

  • Long lag times when adjusting temperature to quick weather changes.
  • Areas too cold in the winter / too warm in the summer (difficult to “dial-in” the right temperature)
  • Areas too warm in the winter (resulting in windows being opened to compensate)
  • Overpressure in some office space resulting in hard opening doors and windows
  • Temperatures vary significantly from control system thermostat.

HVAC Components utilized at the MMA Facility include:

  • Hot Water Heating System
  • Geothermal Water System
  • 3 Separate Air Handling Units
  • Several Mechanical Chillers
  • 60 zones of variable air volume control
  • 5 cabinet unit heaters

Facility Size

The MMA facility is divided into 2 major sections, each with a separate HVAC system, both of which are paired to the control system to work together.

  • The MMA Original Wing is 27,500 sq ft. on 2 floors.
  • The MMA Addition is 9,800 sq ft. on 2 floors.

General Qualifications

The MMA seeks services to include a thorough assessment, recommendation, design, construction documents, specifications and bidding assistance services associated with the future RFP process for an HVAC installation contractor.  Continuing services to include construction management of the new HVAC Control System and selected contractor and appurtenant repairs, adjustments, or corrections to the entirety of our current HVAC system as required.

Qualification Submission Requirements & Evaluation Criteria

Each firm should present (1) electronic copy of the following information for evaluation:

  • Cover letter signed by a member of the firm with the legal authority to bind the firm and include the name, physical and e-mail address, and phone number of the main point of contact and the Project Manager if they are not one and the same.
  • Detail of the firm, its size, structure, disciplines, and experience with commercial buildings of a similar size, with similar HVAC systems to the MMA facility.
  • Include a profile of its strategy to a project of this type.
  • Detail of adequate staff and proposed design or consultant team for the project including preferred partners with specialized expertise including an organizational chart.
  • Provide resumes and project lists for each consultant(s) who will be used to prepare the plan to include individual professional licenses for the State of Maine and others.
  • Record of successfully completed projects without legal or technical problems with current contact information for at least three.
    • List of deliverables and presentation documents that your firm can/will produce if engaged.
    • Proposed schedule and timeline information.
    • Proximity to the MMA facility.
    • Other factors that may be appropriate for the project.
    • Licensed in the State of Maine.

Although MAINE MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION may conduct interviews to select among the final candidates, it is not MAINE MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION’S intent to seek extensive clarification of the qualification statements received. Therefore, it is to the benefit of the respondent to provide an explicit, detailed, and complete discussion of the work in the statement.

The successful firm will be chosen through a qualitative review of these factors. The following criteria will also be used to evaluate statements received:

  • Companies and individual team members must possess knowledge, expertise, and experience in the planning, project management, and execution of the services for which they are responding. Experience and past performance.

Preparation and Submission Requirements

The Qualifications Statement shall clearly address all the information requested herein. Since the written Statement will weigh heavily in the evaluation process, information submitted should be complete and provide a convincing case that the firm can perform high-quality work. Statements should be thorough yet concise and are to be prepared at your own expense.

The Qualifications Statement shall be sent to the official contact listed below, to be received no later than August 26, 2022.

Contact Information

Please email electronic copies to

Contact Name: Louise Wing

Company Name: Maine Municipal Association

Full Address: 60 Community Dr., Augusta, ME 04330

Any questions regarding this RFQ must be submitted by email to Maine Municipal Association by August 19, 2022. All questions will be answered promptly in email.  Questions and responses shall be provided concurrently to all firms.

Additional Information

Submitted responses to this RFQ become the property of Maine Municipal Association. Maine Municipal Association reserves the right to use all ideas included in any response without incurring any obligations to the responding company or committing to procurement of the proposed services. Maine Municipal also reserves the right to reject all RFQs.

It is MMA’s intent to negotiate a contract for services as defined with the selected firm within 30 days.

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