Poland Solar RFP

The Town of Poland is requesting bid proposals for solar power.  Companies submitting bids must submit them in sealed envelopes with “Salt Barn Solar Project” clearly printed on the exterior.  Proposals must include vendor’s name, address, phone(s), contact person, and total cost.  Bidders must observe all required state and federal laws and policies.  


All inquiries regarding bids should be directed to the Town Manager at (207) 998-4601; email mgarside@polandtownoffice.org.  Proposals must be delivered and clearly marked “Salt Barn Solar Project” to Town Manager, Town of Poland, 1231 Maine Street, Poland, ME, 04274 or by email at mgarside@polandtownoffice.org no later than 11:00am, Thursday, 1 August, 2019, at which time they will be opened and read publicly in the Town Office conference room.   The Board of Selectpersons will consider proposals on Tuesday, 6 August, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Town Office conference room.  The Town of Poland reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


The Town of Poland is soliciting proposals for the engineering, procurement, construction, and operation of a medium – scale, roof mounted, utility interactive solar photovoltaic generating system (“Project”) on its sand/salt storage facility in Poland, ME.


The system shall be grid tied to Central Mine Power Company, (CMP) on a net energy billing basis (Net metering) to be determined by proposer. Exact system size, technology, and equipment used shall be at the discretion of the proposer.


Following the installation of the project, the Town may enter into a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) for a term of 6 to 20 years.  The Town would like to have an option to extend this agreement, if necessary. The Town will license the site to the successful bidder, and will agree to purchase all electricity generated by the system.


The project will need to be approved by majority vote at town meeting.


The proposer shall also provide an optional buy-out schedule as a long-term option for the Town as such.  The successful Proposer will retain all other tangible and intangible benefits and assets associated with the system as long as they are the owner of the system (i.e. tax credits, incentives, rebates, etc.). 


Additional considerations may include appearance, security, schedule and the availability of performance data for educational purposes. The solar arrays must be complete turnkey systems, including, solar panels, inverters, wiring, metering, controls, coordination, operation, and maintenance. The Proposer will obtain all authorizations as needed with local and or state permitting, PUC and CMP, for connections to the power grid, operation, etc.


Each Proposer will be responsible for obtaining any studies, information, or data related to structural, electrical or environmental conditions, or any other conditions that might enhance or constrain the development of a specific site and interconnection to the grid, and/or affect the project cost or timely completion of work. Preparation of a proposal is the sole responsibility of the Proposer. The Town of Poland will not be responsible or liable for any costs or expenses incurred by a Proposer in preparation of its proposal or for any activities related to formulation of a proposal.


The site identified for the project is the rooftop of the sand/salt shed located on Poland Corner Road in Poland, ME.


Proposer’s are encouraged to conduct a site visit prior to submitting their bid.


All major equipment and components must be tier-one rated. The type of technology to be used for the proposed facilities, equipment and key components must have a proven record of established production and use history at a scale similar to that of the facility to be built, or larger, at a single plant location in order to be considered. 


There shall be an integral or separate system capable of real-time monitoring and data logging the performance of the solar array.


All tracks and anchoring equipment shall meet applicable building codes.  Equipment shall be UL listed.  The project must use energy generation devices that are commercially available and offer warranties, spare parts, and service commensurate with their commercial status.  Proposer shall provide verification that the installation of the array will not compromise or affect the longevity of the roofs lifespan.  Written roof loading verification shall be carried out by a licensed structural engineer after the project is awarded to a successful bidder.


The Town expects to pay no up-front fees.  The solar provider shall be responsible for obtaining all required permits, utility interconnection, net metering agreements, and solar program incentives available.  At the end of the PPA term or any renewal term, should the Town choose to not purchase the solar system, the solar provider will remove the system and return the project site to preexisting conditions. 


Proposal Content Requirements


This section outlines the content and format requirements for the proposal submitted in response to this RFP. The Town of Poland reserves the right to conduct any further due diligence it considers necessary to fully understand and evaluate proposals.


Project Description

All proposals must provide a comprehensive description of the project, including:

Project name, location,

Nameplate AC capacity rating,

Accredited capacity,

In-service date,

Equipment configuration,


Transmission and interconnection plan


Meteorological studies and or data and other pertinent information.


Equipment Description

At a minimum, proposals should indicate for all major equipment the:

Name of the manufacturer,

Model name and number,

Metrics and characteristics of the equipment,

Performance history of the equipment,

Solar Energy Projects RFP terms of warranties and/or guarantees if apply,

Availability of equipment and planned delivery dates.


Technical discretion

The following technical information should be discussed in this section, as applicable for the project proposed.

Description of technology and configuration

Summary of the commercial operating experience of the equipment used or to be chosen

Solar system layout/Site diagram/illustration that includes location/design of array,

Electrical connection requirements and plans for connecting to the Town of Poland circuit, and/or interconnection with the grid;

Level of efficiency

Proposed construction period

Start-up testing

Description of pre-operational milestones


Operations and Maintenance

All proposals shall describe the operations and maintenance plans or services for the generation facility associated with their proposal.

Discuss the current or expected O&M plan, including staffing, budget, management and control over any facility, authority over the O&M budget, and guarantees on O&M costs.

Provide a description of the basic philosophy for performing O&M and include a discussion of contracting for outside services, if applicable.


Included in the proposal, please provide

Proposed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) price of energy per kWh

Proposed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) length of proposed term

Estimated cost savings over the life of the project

The Proposer shall also provide an optional buy-out schedule as a long-term option for the Town of Poland.

Proposed Buyout terms and Decommissioning Funding

Maintenance Plan

Security Plan

All warranties


All proposals must provide a schedule of project development activities and target completion dates for financing, engineering, permitting, equipment procurement, construction, startup and commissioning. Describe the overall development strategy and work plan that will ensure that the project can be developed in time to meet the proposed commercial operation date. Proposers must provide a high-level project development and completion schedule along with key milestone dates for each proposal submitted.


Proposals must describe all federal, state, and local permits that will be required for the project.


The capability and experience of any Proposer must be demonstrated to provide assurance that the Proposer, and any other party involved in the proposal, has adequate competence, resources and skill. Each proposal must include the following information as a minimum.

Partners/Investors/Key Subcontractors

Project team - Description of technical experience, specifically with respect to solar energy facilities similar to those proposed and collaboration efforts with electric utilities in the State of Maine, if any.

Description of operating and maintenance experience

Description of completed projects


The Town of Poland reserves the right to hold additional interviews to discuss terms and to negotiate, if applicable, the price and terms prior to making a final determination relative to proposal received.  The Town of Poland further reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive minor informalities, and to make the award, if any, as may be deemed to be in the best interest of the Town of Poland.



LIABILITY INSURANCE – Successful Bidder must agree to procure and maintain at its expense, Commercial General Liability insurance for protection from claims under workers’ compensation acts, claims for damages because of bodily injury including personal injury, sickness or disease or death of any and all employees or of any other such employees, and from claims for damages because of injury to or destruction of property including loss of use resulting therefrom, which may arise from the performance of services hereunder.  The minimum amounts of coverage are: 


Type of Insurance

Each Occurrence


General Liability – Combined Bodily Injury and Property Damage



Automobile Liability – Combined Bodily Injury and Property Damage



Umbrella/Excess Liability



Worker’s Compensation & Employer’s Liability

$500,000 (Each Accident)

$500,000 (Disease Policy Limit)

$500,000 (Disease Each  Employee)             



Each such certificate shall list the Town as an additional insured and contain a statement of the insurer’s obligation to notify the Town at least fifteen (15) days prior to cancellation of any policy covered there under.  The Town shall be furnished with a Certificate of Insurance.  In the event the Town is required to defend itself, the Successful Bidder shall reimburse the Town’s costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees for defense of such liabilities which arise out of the Successful Bidder’s negligence.  In any claim which may arise as a result of intentional or negligent acts or omissions of the Successful Bidder, the Comprehensive General liability insurance policy provided by successful Bidder shall be deemed primary protection against such claims and the Town shall not be called upon to contribute to a loss otherwise payable by the Successful Bidder’s insurer due to its insured’s act or omission.


INDEMNIFICATION – To the fullest extent permitted by law, Successful Bidder does agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Town, its officers, agents and employees, from and against all claims, damages, losses or expenses, just or unjust, including but not limited to costs of defense, arising out of or resulting from the performance of services hereunder, provided that any such claim, damage, loss or expense is caused in whole or in part by any negligent act or omission of Successful Bidder, its officers, agents or employees, anyone directly employed by it, or anyone for whose act it may be liable, except to the extent that said claim, damage, loss or expense is caused by the Town, its officers, or employees.

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