Update of Design Regulations Consultant Services

The City of Lewiston is seeking the expertise of qualified Land Use and Architectural Design firms to provide specific professional services related to the updating of the all relevant design regulations of the City of Lewiston’s Zoning Ordinance, Historic Preservation Design Manual and Site Plan and Design Guidelines3. Acting on recommendations from the 2017 Legacy Lewiston4 and the 2014 Riverfront Island Master Plan5 the City desires updated design regulations that will:

• address typical architectural and site design elements in a manner relevant to Lewiston

• be easy to understand and graphically oriented

• strike a balance between quality and cost effective development

The City is seeking a consultant that is willing to competitively price and negotiate the final scope of this project. Proposals should include pricing for the initial Scope of Services which will include, evaluation of current regulations, coordination with staff and Project Review Committee, development of alternatives relating to design regulations such as: site plan review, form based or character districts, design standards, design guidelines and related prescriptive requirements, graphics, performance standards and an implementation strategy.


Please go to http://www.lewistonmaine.gov/Bids.aspx?bidID=611 for more information.

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