Town of Waterboro - Central Fire Station A/C-Heat Pump System

Town of Waterboro

Central Fire Station- 6 John Smith Road

East Waterboro, Maine 04030


Ductless Mini Split A/C-Heat Pump RFP


Project Summary:

The Town of Waterboro Fire Department is seeking sealed bids for the installation of a ductless mini split A/C-Heat system at Central Station.  Project would include disconnecting, removal and disposal of current A/C condenser and components.  The existing heating system will remain as is. 

Bidder Responsibilities:

It is the contractor’s responsibility to visit the site and become familiar with the project and all instructions prior to bidding.  Questions about the project and requests to visit the site should be directed to:

                                    Waterboro Fire Department

                                    6 John Smith Road

                                    East Waterboro, Maine 04030




Qualifications of bidders:

Successful Bidders are asked to supply a minimum of 5 customer references with ductless systems installed in commercial space within the past 12 months.


Successful bidders shall be required to obtain all required permits as needed.


Scope of Work:

  1. Provide make, model and manufacturer spec sheets with warranty terms for equipment to be supplied.
  2. Provide and install ductless mini split system within the following locations at Central Station:
    • All offices (6)
    • Meeting room
    • 2nd Floor Common Area
    • 2nd Floor Living Area (2 Bedrooms & Kitchenette)
    • Server/Gear Room
  3. System will be sized according to the manufacturer’s recommendation with the ability to cool 100% and provide supplemental heat with outside temperature down to 5°F or below.  The system should be capable of allowing multiple heads with a single or minimal number of outside units.
  4. System will allow for both cooling and individual area supplemental heating with a wall mounted remote control in each location.
  5. Installation of all components will be completed/coordinated by successful bidder.
  6. All interior installed line sets should be concealed as much as possible.
  7. All outside units are to be wall-mounted on brackets placed high enough to avoid damage from snowplows or vehicles 

Efficiency Rebates/Incentives:

Successful bidder will apply for any available efficiency rebate programs available.


Installation Time Requirements:

The Town prefers the project to be completed by June 1, 2019 if possible.


Sealed Bids are due by noon on Friday, March 29, 2019, and will be opened at noon.  All sealed bids must be clearly marked “Central Station HVAC Upgrade” and should be mailed or delivered to:  24 Townhouse Road, East Waterboro, ME, 04030

The Town of Waterboro reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

For more information please contact Chief Matt Bors 207-247-5299.

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