Town of Ogunquit - Reserve Police Officers

Job Description:       

Enforcing the ordinances of the town of Ogunquit, enforcing the laws of the state of Maine, responding to general assistance calls, patrolling Ogunquit Beach, Perkins Cove and downtown Ogunquit on foot, providing basic medical assistance, assisting full time law enforcement personnel, engaging in positive community relations practices, issuing parking citations, directing traffic, issuing traffic citations, investigating motor vehicle crashes, taking police reports, and making arrests. All while receiving a very competitive wage.


  • Age: 21 years old, or 20 years old with at least 60 college credits from an accredited college by June 01, 2019.
  • Experience: Interest in law enforcement.
  • Physical: Must be able to pass a physical agility test.
  • Educational: Must be enrolled, have graduated from an accredited college, or prior military experience.
  • Additional: No adult criminal history, and minor motor vehicle history. Must be willing to work a flexible work schedule including weekends and holidays.

Application Deadline:

March 25, 2019, or ASAP.

Applications are available at, under town employment, or by responding to the Ogunquit Police Department in person.

Contact Person:

Sgt. Pawlik

Ogunquit Police Department

P.O. Box 666

Ogunquit, ME 03907

Ph: (207) 646-9362

Fax: (207) 646-5761

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