Commercial Assessor - City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

DEPARTMENT:        Assessing
POSITION TITLE:        Commercial Assessor
SALARY RANGE:        $73,979 - $89,733
QUALIFICATIONS:  A candidate must have Bachelor’s degree and considerable experience in commercial assessment/appraisal operations, or equivalent combination of experience and training.  Experience must be subsequent to licensure or certification.  A candidate must have completed IAAO Course 1 or Appraisal Institute’s Course 101, also IAAO Course 2–Capitalization of Income Approach to Value; Certified New Hampshire Assessor (CNHA) and/or State Licensed Appraiser – NHCG or equivalent;  Approval as a Property Assessor Supervisor – NH Department of Revenue Administration; or Equivalent certification/ licensure from another jurisdiction; post-secondary education courses in Property Appraisal, Construction, Architectural Design, Engineering, Economics or other related field; have a comprehensive knowledge of the procedures, methods and building techniques used in the construction of residential, and in particular, commercial and industrial buildings; working knowledge of Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal systems (CAMA) and Microsoft Office Suite.  

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES:  The principal function is to assist the City Assessor in ensuring professional standards are applied to property assessment procedures, consistent with International Association of Assessing Officials (IAAO) and NH Department of Revenue (DRA) standards.  The principal duties are performed in both in a general office environment with a majority of time spent in the field performing assigned tasks.

•    Appraise real property using established appraisal methods, principles, and techniques.  Calculates property values utilizing appraisal software; reviews base rates, depreciation schedules, cost factors and market factors used to maintain equitable assessments of vacant, residential, commercial, industrial and apartment properties; analyzes market influences; estimates values utilizing income approach and mass appraisal techniques; correlates values estimates into logical conclusions.
•    Performs field measurements, inspections, values and review primarily nonresidential properties, i.e.; commercial and industrial buildings, including but not limited to updating records with the aid of computer assisted mass appraisal system (CAMA) into City Valuation system and submits work to City Assessor for final review and valuation.  Appraisals performed may be utilized for tax appeals;
•    Maintains and updates various assessment records in accordance with state statutes, regulations, International Association of Assessing Officials & NH Department of Revenue Administration standards and generally accepted practices and policies of the Board of Assessors;
•    Processes requests for abatements from taxpayers or their agents; reviews applications for evidence of improper assessment, checks appraisal card data for accuracy, reviews comparable sales, equitable valuations of similar properties, appraisals, and market sales and income comparable properties; documents findings and makes recommendations to deny or grant abatement to City Assessor.  
•    Appraise property as necessary in defense of assessments (requires through understanding of sales, costs and income approach to value).
•    Analyses income and expense statements to determine market trends and validity of reported income, expenses and vacancies.  Analyses mortgages and capitalization rates in conjunction with revaluation data;
•    Conducts assessment/sales ratio analysis; performs proper performance testing using basic statistical techniques.  Investigates problem areas (inequitable or improper valuation claims); determines corrective measures; implements corrective measures; auditing of equitable assessments through statistical testing and mathematical computations using spreadsheet applications, mass appraisals software, and other calculating devices.
•    Researches information at the Registry of Deeds, financial institutions, brokers, buyers, sellers, MLS, appraisers etc., to establish ownership histories, to determine validity of “arm’s length” transactions, financing information, rental information, etc.  Interviews appropriate individuals to determine condition of property at time of sale.  
•    Arranges the creation and maintenance of manual and electronic reports and property tax records in assisting the City Assessor for warrants and other statutory requirements;
•    Promotes an appropriate level of confidentiality regarding pertinent City records;
•    Attends  meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and reviews publications and audio-visual materials and software to become and remain current on the principles, practices and new developments in assigned work areas;
•    Responds to citizens’ questions and comments in a courteous and timely manner;
•    Communicates and coordinates regularly with appropriate others to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of interdepartmental operations and activities.  Answers questions, composes written correspondence; provides information regarding real property, interprets property record cards, arranges appointments, collects and organizes submitted data, answers telephone inquiries, reports to and updates the City Assessor on status of all projects.  
•    Performs other directly related duties consistent with the role and function of the classification.

        Competitive Examination which includes a personal interview
Finalist must complete pre-employment screening, drug testing, physical & background check.

    City of Portsmouth
    Human Resources Office            Human Resources Director:
    1 Junkins Ave.                Dianna Fogarty
    Portsmouth, NH  03801            (603) 610-7270

The City of Portsmouth is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

DATE POSTED:   March 14, 2019        CLOSING DATE:  Until Filled


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