Asbestos Abatement





Town of Winthrop, Maine

17 Highland Ave.

Winthrop, ME


Date Issued: August 2, 2019

Date Due: August 28, 2019 at 8:30 am


(Assessment report available on request)



Project Description:

The Town of Winthrop is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide all services for the complete abatement and disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials >1% in two town owned buildings, as outlined in reports dated April 30th by Air Quality Management Services, Inc. The buildings are located at 36 and 40 Bowdoin Street, and are to be demolished to become a municipal parking lot in the Fall of 2019. A summary of the survey findings is attached below.

36 Bowdoin Street

•                    B4 – B6 Kitchen Brick Pattern Linoleum

•                    B7 – B9 Basement Tape/Paper on Seams of Duct Work

•                    B10 – B12 Hallway and Bathroom Floor Tile


40 Bowdoin Street

•                    B44 – B46 Basement Insulation Behind Burner on Boiler (Check inside Boiler for

Similar Material)

•                    B47 – B49 1st Floor Wood Pattern Linoleum

•                    B60 – B62 Exterior Window Glazing



Each contractor is responsible to determine for themselves the accuracy of the volume estimates of asbestos containing material in the report.

The selected contractor will be responsible for the safety and security of the work site and must follow all Federal and/or State laws and regulations and provide documentation of proper disposal of the asbestos containing materials to the Town of Winthrop.


•                    Release of Abatement Services RFP 8/2/19

•                    Optional Inspection of Properties 8/16/19, 10 am.

•                    Deadline for RFP Submissions (due by 8:30am) 8/28/19

•                    RFP Sealed Bid Opening (@ 8:30am) 8/28/19

•                    Town Council Bid Selection 9/9/19

•                    Preferred Deadline for Abatement Services to be Completed 10/15/19



A. The firm, organization, or company must be a licensed asbestos abatement contractor as per the requirements of the State of Maine.

B. Responses to the RFP shall be made according to the instructions contained herein. Failure to adhere to instructions may be cause for rejection of any proposal.

C. Proposers understand and agree that submission of a proposal will constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of, and willingness to comply with, all the terms, conditions, and criteria contained in this RFP, except as otherwise specified in the proposal. Any and all parts of the submitted proposal may become part of any subsequent contract between the selected proposer and the Town of Winthrop.

D. False, misleading, incomplete, or unresponsive statements in connection with a proposal may be sufficient cause for rejection of the proposal. The evaluation and determination of the fulfillment of the above requirement will be The Town of Winthrop’s responsibility, and its judgment shall be final.

E. Proposals shall provide a straightforward, concise delineation of the proposer’s capability to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. Each proposal shall be submitted in the requested format and provide all pertinent information, including but not limited to information relating to capability, experience, financial resources, and other information as specified in Section 5 and otherwise required in this RFP. Each proposal shall be signed in ink by a duly authorized officer of the company.


A. Proposals in response to this RFP shall be considered received at the time actually received by the addressee.  All proposals and other communications should be addressed to the Town of Winthrop as follows:

Jeffrey Kobrock, Town Manager, Town of Winthrop, 17 Highland Ave., Winthrop, ME 04364 Phone: 207-377-7200 Email:

B. The Town of Winthrop must receive written proposals at its office address listed in paragraph A of this section by 8:3am, Eastern Standard Time, August 28, 2019.

C. Proposals received after this specified date and time shall be considered late and shall not be considered for evaluation.


A. Cover Letter. Each proposer shall submit a short cover letter including the name and address of the organization submitting the proposal; and the name, address and telephone number of the contact person who will be authorized to make representations for the organization.

B. Experience.

•                    Qualifying Experience. Brief history of the firm including any fields of expertise, previous experience with jobs of similar scope. List a minimum of three (3) recent asbestos abatement projects similar in scope (if possible).

•                    Litigation. Provide a list of any litigation in which the Firm, Managing Principal and/or Abatement Professional(s) is named a party.


C. Proposed Work Plan/Schedule.

• Include completion date-(Abatement services must be completed by 8/5/2019)

D. Certification and/or Licenses. Proposer must possess and submit with this bid all valid certification and/or licenses required by federal and state laws at the time of submittal and for the length of the project.


E. Certificate of Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Proposer must submit proof of liability insurance in an amount of at least $1M. If proposer is awarded a contract for this project, a certificate of liability insurance listing The Town of Winthrop as an additional insured will be required. Proof of Worker’s Compensation coverage also must be submitted.

F. Bid Submittal Form. (Included in this RFP)

C. The Town of Winthrop reserves the right to make modifications or addenda to this RFP. If the Town of Winthrop determines it is appropriate to revise any portion of this RFP, either at the request of a proposer or upon The Town of Winthrop’s own initiative, the Town of Winthrop will issue, and make available to all prospective proposers, any updates to the RFP through email.

D. The Town of Winthrop is not bound by any oral interpretations, clarifications, or changes made to this RFP by any Town of Winthrop employee or consultant. Any clarification or change to the RFP must be provided in writing pursuant to this section.




Any costs incurred by proposers in responding to this RFP shall be the proposer’s sole expense and will not be reimbursed by The Town of Winthrop.




The Town of Winthrop reserves the right in its discretion to cancel this RFP in whole or in part.


The Town of Winthrop reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals submitted in response to the RFP or refuse to enter into any contract resulting from any proposal submitted, without expense or other obligation of any kind to the Town of Winthrop.



Bids will be evaluated promptly after opening and a bid tabulation summary will be provided upon request. Bid results will not be given over the telephone. No bid may be withdrawn.



The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to award the contract in the Town’s best interest, and the Town may select a bidder other than the lowest bidder in accordance with the terms stated in the notice. In addition to the quoted price, the following criteria may be used in the award: past experience, and service provided by the proposer, quality of work, completion date, and other factors deemed relevant by The Town of Winthrop.



 A 100% labor, material, and performance bond, or other suitable security, will be required of the successful bidder. The bonding company must be licensed to do business in the State of Maine.

Town of Winthrop


Project Location: 36 Bowdoin Street & 40 Bowdoin Street


The undersigned ASBESTOS ABATEMENT CONTRACTOR, having examined these documents, and having full knowledge of the condition under which the work described herein must be performed, hereby proposes that she/he will fulfill the obligations contain herein in accordance with all instructions, terms, conditions, and specifications set forth; and that she/he will furnish all required products/services and pay all incidental costs in strict conformity with these documents for the stated prices as payment in full.

Bid $

Available Start Date:

Project Completion Date:

Submitting Firm:


Name of Authorized Representative (print/type):


Authorized Signature: Date:


Phone Number:


Prices submitted in this bid form are firm through (minimum 30 days):

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