Town of Wiscasset-Request for Engineering Qualifications




The Town of Wiscasset is requesting a Statement of Qualifications from qualified firms to provide engineering planning services for evaluation of the entire Wiscasset Wastewater Treatment Plant, and all associated pump stations and collection pipelines.  

The Town is interested in procuring engineering planning services necessary to evaluate existing information and develop recommendations to be summarized in the following deliverables:

  1. Upgrade the existing Climate Adaptation Plan so that it meets the requirements of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program,
  2. A comprehensive Facilities Plan for the Wastewater treatment plant and all pump stations,
  3. A Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES) for the entire sewer collection system pipelines, and,
  4. A Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP) for the entire wastewater system plant, collections piping and pump stations that also meets the requirements of the CWSRF program.    

The goal of the planning documents is to satisfy certain conditions of the March 2017 consent agreement between the Town and the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection and to identify alternative upgrade plans and the associated projects, including detailed cost estimates and schedules, so as to provide a clear prioritized path for the Town to be able to select plans and projects and incorporate them into their long and short term Capital Improvement Plans.  As part of these engineering services, the Town expects assistance in securing funding for the identified wastewater plant, pump stations and collection system upgrades as well as assistance with locating appropriate parcels of land where a new wastewater treatment plant could be relocated to.

The existing wastewater system includes 18 pump stations, a treatment plant with headworks, aeration basins and blower systems, secondary clarifiers, two chlorine contact chambers, aerated sludge holding tank, and aerated septage receiving station, other associated plant components and approximately 17 miles of gravity pipe and force main.  

Firms interested in being considered to perform these engineering services should submit seven 7 copies of a “Letter of Interest” each with an attached “Statement of Qualifications”. This “Statement of Qualifications” should include as a minimum:

  1. A brief description of the business entity or a company brochure;
  2. The firm’s qualifications to undertake this project;
  3. The firm’s experience with budget and cost control including the results of the firm’s activities;
  4. A listing of similar wastewater projects that demonstrate the firm’s capabilities;
  5. A listing of recently completed work on similar type projects including the name , address and the telephone number of the client or project contact for each project:
  6. Profiles of key personnel who will be involved in the scope of services described above;
  7. A statement of current and near future workload;
  8. A list of funding agencies that your firm has successfully worked with to secure grant/loan funding packages;
  9. A listing of business references other than those listed above, including names of contacts and telephone numbers, and
  10. Additional information, not to exceed one page that you believe would be useful in evaluating the firm’s qualifications.
  11. A list of the firm’s experience in working with funding agencies and securing funds.

If a firm intends to undertake the project jointly with another firm or by use of other consultants, the listing of qualifications and profiles of key personnel and their assigned roles must be included in the information provided to the Town for the other firms to be used.

Letters of interest with attached qualification statements should be sent to the Wiscasset Wastewater Treatment Plant at the address below, no later than October 1.


Richard Gaeth, Wastewater Superintendent                                                                                                                                                

51 Bath Road   

Wiscasset Me 04578

Responding firms will be screened and the firms ranked by a team approved by the Board of Selectmen. The most qualified firms as determined by the Board of Selectmen will be selected for interview.

Firms selected for an interview will be given the opportunity to attend a facilities tour,review existing documents and existing as built drawings.

As part of the interview process the selected firms will be scheduled for an interview and will be provided with a document from the town outlining the specific services required by the town. Selected firms will be requested to outline in detail the “Scope of Services” being proposed by your engineering firm in advance of the Town Interview.

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