Town of Old Orchard Beach Parking Enforcement

This is limited enforcement work in the Police Department restricted to the enforcement of Old Orchard Beach’s parking ordinances as enacted by the Town of Old Orchard Beach Town Council, and found in the Municipal Code of Ordinances.
The employee is responsible for the enforcement of parking as regulated by the posting of appropriate signs, yellow curbs, fire hydrants, or other violations of the Town of Old Orchard Beach parking ordinances, or State of Maine law as it relates to the enforcement of on street and off street Handicap Parking areas.

REPRESENTATIVE TASKS: (Illustrative only)

  •  Patrols a designated district on foot or by motor scooter to enforce violations of the parking regulations or traffic ordinances.
  •  Notifies violators of parking regulations by prescribed methods
  •  Assists motorists and others by providing general information relating to regulations, directions about the Town, points of interest, and highway routes
  •  Performs related work as directed


  •  Extensive knowledge of Old Orchard Beach’s parking regulations
  •  Working knowledge of the geography of the Town and location of highway routes
  •  Ability to direct motorists and others to points in the Town and to highway routes
  •  Possess a valid State of Maine Operator’s License.
  •  Ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
  •  Ability to understand and execute oral and written orders
  •  Ability to deal courteously, but firmly, with the public
  •  Good physical condition and ability to work under adverse weather conditions
  •  Complies with Departmental rules, regulations, policies and standards

Removal can be with or without fault of the jobholder or the agency. Economic conditions that cause reductions in work force, the member’s inability to be regularly available to work, and a failure to perform competently on any of the critical tasks of the position or a consistent failure to perform competently on regular tasks are among the major reasons for job removal without fault. Failure to support the agency’s mission, uphold the oath of office, or comply with
preconditions for original employment will lead to removal with or without fault. In addition, accruing atypical amounts of dysfunctional work time or requiring atypical amounts of supervisory counseling or remedial training will lead to removal with or without fault.

The Town of Old Orchard Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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