The Town of Wells, with a seasonal population of 40,000 +, and proudly known as the friendliest Town in Maine, is located along the beautiful rocky coast of Southern Maine.  Quaintly situated just 33 miles south of Portland and 80 miles north of Boston, Wells was founded in 1643 making it the third oldest Town in Maine.  Beautifully historic with its seven miles of coastline, Wells is one of the finest family vacation destinations in New England. 

The Town of Wells is a Town Meeting form of government, which includes elected officials to set policy, adopt ordinances and determine funding for Town programs and services through the adoption of the Municipal budget.  The Town of Wells employs approximately 100 full-time and several part-time and seasonal employees.  The Town’s annual budget is $19 million and includes Police, Dispatch, Fire, Public Works, Harbor, Library, Administration, Finance, Planning, Code Enforcement and management of the Town’s Transportation Center.

The Town Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the Town and is responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the administration of Town affairs and the supervision of Department Heads.  This is a contract position serving at the will of the Board of Selectmen.   Contract terms and salary are dependent upon qualifications and will be negotiated after an offer of employment is made.  A detailed job description is attached.


Applications for Employment can be obtained by visiting the Town’s website at or the Human Resources Department at Town Hall.  Completed applications along with cover letter and resume should be sent to: Attn: Human Resources, Town of Wells, 208 Sanford Road, Wells, Maine 04090 or email to   Deadline for Submission is February 25, 2020.

To be considered for employment with the Town of Wells applicants must complete the Town’s application for employment form.  Please do not use the “apply online functions” provided through Facebook or any other social media platforms. 




Statement of Duties:  The Town Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Town responsible for the provision of administrative and supervisory work overseeing the services provided by all of the Town’s departments on behalf of the Board of Selectmen.  Employee is required to perform all similar or related duties as required by the Board of Selectmen.

Supervision Required:  The employee functions under the policy direction of the Board of Selectmen, exercising authority over total operations of the municipality in conformance with general directives and objectives set forth by the governing body and in accordance with local, State and Federal laws and regulations. The employee participates in the development, implementation and administration of town polices, goals, objectives ad statutory requirements related to the administration and operation of the town. The employee functions independently, referring specific issues or problems to the Board of Selectmen as necessary when clarification or interpretation of town policy or procedures is required.

Confidentiality:  The employee has complete access to all municipal confidential information in accordance with the State Public Records Law.

Supervisory Responsibility: The employee is accountable on a town-wide basis for the direction and success of programs accomplished through others. Analyzes program objectives, determines work operations, estimates and allocates the financial and staff resources required.  Assists or oversees the provision of personnel services to Town employees, including or effectively recommending hiring, training, and disciplining of employees. The employee provides direct supervision of twelve (12) department heads and defacto all other full and part-time employees.  Work operations may be subject to substantial cyclic or seasonal fluctuations, or substantial changes in work procedures which can be reasonably anticipated and planned for in advance.  Substantial numbers of employees are dispersed to many widely separated locations on a continuing basis.

Judgment:  Guidelines only provide limited guidance for performing the work. They may be in the form of administrative or organizational policies, general principals, legislation or directives that pertain to a specific department or functional area. Extensive judgment and ingenuity are required to develop new or adapt existing methods and approaches for accomplishing objectives or to deal with new or unusual requirements within the limits of the guidelines or policies. The employee is recognized as the department or functional area's authority in interpreting the guidelines, in determining how they should be applied, and in developing operating policies.  Employee must be able to direct the overall activity of the municipality by accepting responsibility while exercising authority for planning, operating and oversight.

Complexity:  The work consists of managerial functions and processes such as planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating, evaluating, integrating activities and programs for more than one major department within the municipality.

Work Environment:   The work environment involves everyday discomforts typical of offices, with occasional exposure to outside elements.  Noise or physical surroundings may be distracting, but conditions are generally not unpleasant.

Nature and Purpose of Relationship; Duties involve constant contact with local, state and federal government officials, community leaders and any other individuals to protect and promote the municipality's overall interest. Employees must possess a high degree of diplomacy and judgment and must be able to work effectively with and influence all types of persons. Duties require a well-developed sense of strategy and timing in representing the municipality effectively in critical and important situations that may influence the well-being of the municipality.

Accountability:  Duties involve primary responsibility for the operation of the Town and could result in monetary loss, legal repercussions, labor/material costs, jeopardize programs and danger to public safety.  Consequences of errors, missed deadlines or poor judgment could have far reaching effects on the municipality's ability to deliver services and the public's confidence in the town government.

Essential Functions:

The essential functions or duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various type of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.

Oversees and is responsible for the planning, administration, personnel management, procurement of services/equipment and coordination of the daily operation of the Town as delegated by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with local, state and federal laws, regulations and policies. 

Provides leadership and direction in the development of short and long-range plans; gathers, interprets and prepares data for studies, reports and recommendations. Provides professional advice to Board of Selectmen, other town boards, committees, local officials, and department heads; makes presentations to the Board of Selectmen, town boards/committees, state agencies, town meeting and the public. 

As Chief Executive Officer of the Town, attends all meeting of the Board of Selectmen.  Receives and makes appropriate disposition or referral of all Selectmen correspondence and communications.  Anticipates needs of the Board of Selectmen for information and background material. Ensures that all decisions of the Board of Selectmen are carried out. Keeps the Board of Selectmen fully advised regarding departmental operations and the financial status of the Town.

Establishes goals, objectives and recommends the adoption and oversees the implementation of Town policies based on the needs of the Town. Provides supervision, direction and guidance including regular communication and development of goals and objectives for all town staff and reporting department heads; assists all departments of the Town in any administrative or operational areas to insure regulatory, statutory or procedural compliance.

Establishes and oversees the administration of the Town’s operating and capital budget process from developing instructions and setting deadlines, to providing materials and recommendations for Appropriations and Capital Planning reviews. Coordinates the development of strategic financial goals for the Town. Makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen regarding the adoption of town-wide financial policies and operating practices.  Reviews all revenues collected and makes recommendations concerning fees, charges, and Enterprise Fund rates as well as new sources of revenue in order to ensure the financial stability of the Town.

Participates on behalf of the Town in all collective bargaining, hiring of town employees, implementation of the classification and compensation plans, and negotiation of employment contracts with Labor Counsel.  Develops and recommends bargaining concepts and strategies for Board of Selectmen’s approval.  Attends all bargaining sessions and/or grievance hearings. Advises officials on the impact of contract terms on personnel system, classification of positions and wage administration. Works with Town Counsel to shape and implement responses to all legal issues impacting the Town.

Consults with department heads, board and committee members, and employees of every rank in the Town’s employment on sensitive issues involving performance problems, health issues, management styles, contract interpretation, leave and attendance, job assignments.

Serves as the Board of Selectmen’s liaison and public information officer to town boards or committees, local state-wide, inter-municipal, regional, and federal agencies.  Negotiates with citizens and other outside public and private agencies; assists citizens in their interaction with all town departments, Board of Selectmen’s and committees in the delivery of town services and FEMA emergency management requirements. Responds to oral and written inquires, requests for assistance, and complaints; refers citizens to appropriate departments and staff member. Investigates complaints from a variety of sources; develops responses and, when appropriate, directs corrective action.

Prepares and writes town meeting warrants and motions.  Develops, writes and compiles background materials for town meeting. 

Oversees all Town automated management information systems, makes recommendations for improvements and implements appropriate policies relative to technology systems including hardware and software as well as infrastructure.

Oversees the coordination and compilation of annual town reports, annual licenses and appointments to boards/committees and employment with the Town.

Prepares applications for grants, administers grants received, works with appropriate state, federal, and private officials on various town projects as required.

Maintains professional competence through participation in workshops, seminars and training programs provide by professional organizations.

Conducts independent research and prepares and submits reports to the Board of Selectmen as necessary.

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Public Administration or a related field with Master’s degree preferred; minimum of five to seven (5-7) years’ experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job.              

Knowledge: Working knowledge of Maine Municipal General Laws and regulations; knowledge of municipal financial laws and regulations, labor laws, personnel practices and procedures. Working knowledge of emerging technologies including hardware, software, web sites and the Internet in support of department operations. Comprehensive knowledge of the various financial requirements of municipal government as well as the State’s Procurement Law and procedures.  Working knowledge of all town departments and the services provided.  Working knowledge of municipal budget management techniques and operating practices. Knowledge of the Town’s geography and local landmarks.

Abilities: Ability to direct and evaluate the work of department heads as well as professionals and other subordinates including office staff.  Ability to plan, organize, and direct the development of projects, the preparation of reports, analyzes problems and formulates recommendations. Ability to bring people together around complex goals and develop consensus amongst staff, community groups and individuals that may not share common priorities. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious and effective working relationships and deal appropriately with employees, Board of Selectmen/committee members, local, state and federal agencies and officials, media and the public. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and to delegate authority in a prompt and effective manner. Ability to negotiate contracts, agreements and appropriate working arrangements and achieve timely results. Ability to deal tactfully with disgruntled members of the public and town staff.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with town staff, elected and appointed officials and state and federal agency representatives.

Skills: Proficient oral, written and presentation communication skills and the ability to represent the Town before an array of organizations including providing statements to the media.  Excellent writing skills required to prepare various reports and position papers.  Effective organizational and personnel management skills. Skill in the utilization of technology as a means of improving the effectiveness of the organization and the citizens it services. Professional customer service skills.  Skill in remaining non-political, yet understanding   local and state government politics and carrying out duties and responsibilities in an impartial, professional manner.












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