The Town of Wilton is requesting Statements of Qualifications from interested and qualified Consultants for Environmental Consulting Services in order to assist with administration of a Maine Drinking Water Program, Source Water Protection Grant to begin implementing the Varnum Pond Watershed-Based Protection Plan (WBPP). 

Varnum Pond is the drinking water supply for the Town of Wilton and North Jay, and the back-up water supply for the Town of Farmington. Varnum Pond is listed on Maine DEP's 2016 Nonpoint Source Priority Watershed List. The WBPP was completed in April 2018, and identified the need for immediate and long-term in-lake monitoring in order to establish a reliable baseline for tracking changes in water quality over time, and ongoing remediation of high priority sites identified during the 2016 watershed survey. (A copy of the WBPP may be requested by emailing: 

PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF WORK The purpose of the project is build-upon ongoing implementation of Source Water Protection strategies outlined in the 2018 Varnum Pond WBPP. The scope of work includes: 

Develop a two-sided informational insert for the Town water/sewer bill describing source water protection strategies for Varnum Pond and an update on watershed protection projects; Prepare and send a targeted mailing to watershed residents with educational materials; Assist with installation of continuous temperature monitoring equipment and data download; Collect monthly in-lake water chemistry samples and develop an annual monitoring summary report; Conduct a plankton analysis to contribute to baseline information over a 3-month period; Create a nonpoint source site tracking spreadsheet from the 2016 watershed survey and update based on work completed in the watershed from 2016-2020; Prepare a detailed gravel road site plan with recommendations for reducing impacts to water quality; Conduct a septic system inventory for properties within the shoreland zone and prepare a septic vulnerability map for the watershed; Assist the Town with budget tracking and reporting and submission of final paperwork to the Maine Drinking Water Program in 2021. 

RFQ FORMAT To facilitate review, submissions should conform to the following format: 

1. Experience of the Firm: Provide a description of your firm's prior experience and qualifications 

in implementing source water or watershed-based management plans, water quality 

monitoring, design and oversight of erosion control projects, and grant administration. 2. Project Team (Key Staff): Identify the proposed Project Manager and key project team members 

and responsibilities. Provide an itemized rate per hour for identified team. Provide a brief resume for each person outlining their credential and experience. Describe your team's experience working in the Varnum Pond watershed. 

3. References: Provide the name and contact information for at least three (3) references familiar 

with the quality of work by your team of similar nature as contained in the above Scope of 

Work. 4. Project Understanding: Provide your general understanding of the watershed, project, and 

issues regarding the identified project(s). Identify any potential challenges or special concerns that may be encountered, and a proposed schedule of work. 

CRITERIA FOR REVIEW OF STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS The following criteria will be used in screening, ranking and selection of the successful firm: 

1. Qualifications of the Firm (40 points): Preference shall be given to those firms with experience 

in implementing watershed management plans, source water protection strategies, water 

quality monitoring and grant administration. 2. Qualifications of the Project Team (Key Staff) (30 points): Preference shall be given to those 

with key staff experience in items listed in the above scope of services and familiarity with the 

watershed. 3. Project Understanding (30 points): Preference shall be given to those firms which have a 

comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and environment. 

SELECTION OF THE CONSULTANT It is the intent of the Town to appoint a committee to review the Statements of Qualifications submitted and rank the qualified firms. All unsuccessful firms will be notified in writing no later than 10 days after selection of the Consultant. The Town reserves the right to reject any and all submissions to this RFQ, request clarification, or waive informalities/technicalities, if it is deemed in the best interest of the project. The Town assumes no responsibility for costs incurred in responding to the RFQ. 

SUBMISSION OF QUALIFICATIONS STATEMENT AND CONTACT PERSON An electronic copy of the Qualifications Statement must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on June 1, 2020 to: 

Heinz Gossman Wilton Water & Sewer 

158 Weld Rd. Wilton, ME 04294 


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