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The Town of Embden, Maine is currently seeking applicants for a part-time Certified Maine Assessor.  This position is a three year appointment starting in March 2021, salaried position, and exempt from overtime/compensation time.  The job description is as follows:


Single Assessor

Nature of Work:
Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of fair and equitable values for all real estate and personal property in the Town, and for the operation and function of the assessing department.

Department management is performed under the direction of the Select Board; assessment activities are performed subject to the statutory requirements contained in M.R.S.A. Title 36, part 2.

Responsible for the supervision of the Assessing department in the technical and administrative functions of the department.

Requirements of Work:
Position requires extensive communication of a detailed and complex nature with taxpayers and citizens, the community, and municipal officials and employees. Applies significant communication versatility ranging from one to one collaboration to group presentation skills. Chooses and designs processes for effective information flow and sharing. Examples of communication requirements include:

Explanation of real and personal property assessments.

Responds to abatement requests and valuation appeals.

Knowledge Required:
Position requires detailed, specialized and extensive knowledge of the practices, procedures and legal guidelines of property assessment and taxation. Position requires knowledge of building construction and renovation practices, and knowledge of the procedures and records utilized in property ownership and transfer. Specific knowledge required includes:

Real and personal property assessment methods.

Real estate records maintenance procedures.

Position makes significant individual contribution to that department, and requires considerable coordination with other town departments and the Board of Selectmen. Creates initiatives to carry out strategies for the department and reviews results. Selects, develops and leads both by example and by direct interaction in the development of others.

As a department head, serves as a member of the Town's management team.

Employee is responsible for the full range of operations of the Assessing office. Work includes technical areas of site assessment, maintenance of tax and real estate records, and planning and implementation of reorganizing specific areas of taxation. Work involves the coordination of department staff, other municipal employees, and the Board of Selectmen. A significant amount of problem solving, interpretation, and policy development is required. Is aware and uses judgement around social and legal issues.

Shares in the development of departmental and organizational short and long range goals.

Coordinates assessment information with taxation and budgetary processes.

Decision Making:
Position requires both operational level decision making skills as well as tactical and strategic planning skills. Decisions have legal consequences critical to the organization. Decisions are within and controlled by ordinances and statutes, however, position requires extensive interpretation and independent judgement in applying those guidelines.

Assessing valuation of all properties in town.

Application of laws and ordinances.

Responsible for addressing valuation appeals.

Responsible for budget preparation and administration.

Position requires frequent contact with a wide range of individuals and groups, including citizens, business community, contractors, attorneys, selectmen and other municipal employees. Nature of contacts includes advising, influencing or exchanging information. May need to present information, discuss and make recommendations on problems of some difficulty and use tact to ensure continuity of relationships. Plays a resource role to other municipal departments, and others in the profession.

Necessary Special Requirements:

Must be a Certified Maine Assessor.

Valid State of Maine motor vehicle operators’ license and ability to operate a motor vehicle is required.  

Applicants should demonstrate good judgment, superior customer service skills and the ability to work well under pressure and successfully with a team. 

Attendance at one Selectmen's meeting per quarter is mandatory.

The Town of Embden is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications must be received by October 1, 2020 at 6pm.

Submit  your completed request for appointment (See link above) and a copy of your resume to:

Town of Embden

809 Embden Pond Road

Embden, Maine 04958



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