Town of Bethel RFP for Personnel Policies and Practices






The Town of Bethel, through its Select Board, seeks proposals for a professional consultant’s comprehensive review, comments and recommendations concerning the Town’s existing ordinances, personnel policies (town-wide and departmental), job descriptions, position classifications, administrative procedures and pay practices affecting town personnel.


The term “town personnel” shall be construed in the broadest sense to mean full-time employees, part-time employees, elected officials, appointed officials, volunteers and persons employed for any basis – individuals found in all departments and numbering approximately 120 in total.


Town officials seek to gain (or confirm) and then maintain operational compliance with federal law, state law, and applicable regulations in the areas of personnel administration, classification of positions, job descriptions and compensation, i.e. hourly wage vs salary vs stipend.


The Town operates on a July-June fiscal year and is not party to collective bargaining agreements.


Town officials are prepared to amend current ordinances, policies and practices as may be appropriate following this review.


The Town envisions the following to be accomplished:

Target Date or Time Period

  1. Issue Request For Proposals via electronic posting

and email to interested parties Fri, January 8


  1. Deadline to submit Proposals to Town by electronic                Fri, January 22 EOD


  1. Internal review of Proposals by staff and individual

Selectpersons w/ follow-up questions to consultants

for clarification of Proposals, if needed.                                     Last week of January


  1. Select Board discussion of Proposals

and selection of consultant and contract authorizationMon, February 1


  1. Period for consultant’s review of town materials                     Month of February        

and consultant’s interviews w key town officials     


  1. Initial presentation and discussion of consultant’s                      Mon, March 1

report at Board of Selectperson’s meeting


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  1. Follow-up actions to include drafting of policy                            Month of March

amendments, ordinances amendments and budget

adjustments as needed


  1. Consider formal adoption of actions                                     Mon, April 5 Board meeting,

identified in #7 aboveother meetings (April-May)

Wed, June 9 town meeting



Prospective consultants are encouraged to review this RFP and consider how best to provide services to the Town through an hourly rate or fixed cost, or combination thereof.


The Town will review proposals and make selection with officials’ subjective consideration of vendor pricing, qualifications and perceived ability to cooperatively work with Town officials in reaching Town goals.


Please direct questions and other information requests, and then submit final proposals with sample contract to Town Manager Loretta Powers at phone (207) 824-2669 and at






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