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The Oxford County Commissioners and Sheriff’s Office, 26 Western Avenue, South Paris, ME are requesting sealed bid proposals for a 12 month contract, effective July 1, 2021, with the option for two (2) additional 1 year periods for Medical service provided through the Oxford County Jail.


Description of Services Required


Contractor must provide medical services with the following staffing requirements:

  • Provider will consist of 4 hours weekly mid-level provider for sick call and on-call for emergencies.
  • Physician Supervisor for review and also on-call consultation.
  • Nursing Coverage 7 days a week by either RN or LPN.

Hours must include two (2) med pass times between 7 am and 9 amand 7pm-9pm.

Other nursing coverage from 4 hours a day to 12 hours a day would be negotiable for the contract. Other nursing duties may include triage of sick call requests, diabetic blood sugars before meals, administration of insulin, wound dressings and to notify provider of medical necessities. A possible Noon time med pass could also be included, depending on the agreed upon nursing coverage.


 Services to be provided will include the following:


Written policy, procedure and practice shall provide inmates with medical services. Such services shall be pursuant to a written agreement with a medical provider(s) who shall be responsible for providing these services to inmates in coordination with the Administrator. Such written agreements shall comply with applicable standards. The Administrator, in conjunction with the health care provider(s), should determine the space, equipment, supplies, and materials necessary for the delivery of health care services in the facility.


The medical care provider in conjunction with the Administrator should determine strategic locations for first aid kits and establish an inventory of their contents. Medical staff should have a written procedure to inspect first-aid kits and document the inspection at least quarterly. First aid kits should contain the established inventory at all times.


All applicable state licensing, registration, and/or certification requirements and restrictions shall apply to medical care and mental health personnel working in or for the facility. Copies of all up-to-date licensing, registration, and/or certification shall be provided to the facility and kept on file in the facility.


Medical care provider(s), should, in consultation with the Administrator, review and approve written procedures and protocol for medical care. At a minimum, these should include:


a.) Medical and mental health screening at admission;


b.) Collection of medical and mental health history;


c.) Physical exam;


d.) Mental health assessment;


e.) Emergency medical services;


f.) Non-emergency medical services;

g.) Management of pharmaceuticals;

h.) Administering/self-administration of inmate medication;

i.) Emergency dental care;

j.) Provisions for chronic and/or convalescent care;

k.) Provisions for closer medical review and care of special management inmates;

l.) Delousing procedures;

m.) Detoxification procedures (alcohol and drug withdrawal treatment);

n.) Release of information from medical records;

o.) Management of infectious disease;

p.) Control of syringes, needles and other sharps;

q.) First aid;

r.) Shift briefing and/or consultation between correctional staff and medical/mental health providers of inmate; and


s.) Suicide prevention training, procedures, and protocols.




The Sheriff or Jail Administrator, in consultation with the medical care provider, shall develop policies and procedures consistent with Maine Statutes for the release of HIV test results. These policies and procedures shall include procedures for informing inmates that HIV test results may be disclosed to the following:


a.) The inmate tested;


b.) The health care staff at the facility where the inmate is housed or the one to which he/she may be transferred in the future;


c.) The Sheriff or Administrator of the facility where the inmate is housed or Sheriff or Administrator at a facility that the inmate may be transferred to; and


d.) Personnel responsible for the care and/or treatment of the inmate. Such treatment or care may include, but not be limited to, treatment or care which may be provided by teachers, social workers, correctional officers, psychologists, and counselors.



Written policy, procedure and practice provide for inmate physical examinations by qualified medical staff within fourteen days of admission. The physical exam shall be documented on a form approved by the medical care provider. Completed physical examination forms shall be placed in the inmate’s medical file. An inmate’s refusal of a physical exam shall be documented in the inmate’s medical file by the medical care provider.



Inmates suspected of having contagious or infectious diseases shall be isolated immediately from the general jail population until jail personnel are directed to do otherwise by the medical care provider.



Written policy, procedure and practice provide that care applicable to emergency medical and dental situations shall be available to inmates at all times. In the case of an emergency request for medical attention, the shift supervisor shall promptly communicate the emergency through the most direct means to the provider. The provider shall determine the appropriate emergency action to be taken to safeguard the inmate and communicate the same to the shift supervisor. Non-medical personnel shall never diagnose or treat an illness or injury except to provide emergency first aid.


The medical care provider shall conduct sick call at least once each week, at which time inmates may report non-emergency injuries and illness and receive appropriate medical treatment.


Dental care and treatment, not limited to extractions, shall be provided to inmates when the medical provider has determined that the health of the inmate during confinement would otherwise be adversely affected.


All medication shall be labeled in accordance with state and federal law. All prescription medication shall be administered in accordance with Maine Statute by qualified health care personnel. Procedures shall be in place for inmate self-administration of prescription medication and administration by others when qualified health care personnel are not available. Any personnel administering prescribed medication are required to have completed training from health care personnel on proper procedures for administering prescribed medication. A record of all prescription medications administered shall be maintained and include the following:


a.) The name of the inmate;


b.) The initials of the staff person administering or observing the inmate self-administering the medication;


c.) The date and time administered;


d.) The name of the medication administered and dosage; and


e.) The inmate’s refusal of medication, if applicable.


In those cases where the medical provider has determined that medication is to be kept on person by the inmate for self-administration on an as-needed basis, the written provider order shall include:


a.) Reason for self-administration;


b.) The name of the inmate; and


c.) Name, date and time, quantity, and dosage provided.


All personnel should be familiar with treatment services available to inmates so that they may refer inmates to appropriate services.



Inmate medical records shall be kept separate from other inmate records. The applicable provider shall, in consultation with the Administrator, establish policies that determine access to these records. The facility provider(s), in compliance with applicable state and federal laws, shall keep correctional staff informed of inmates’ health and treatment. The Administrator shall be responsible for the retention schedule of inmate medical records in accordance with state and federal law.









Inmate medical files shall contain the following minimum information:


a.) Inmate Intake medical screening form;


b.) Inmate health history form;


c.) Any subsequent health appraisal forms;


d.) All findings, diagnoses, and treatments;


e.) All requests for medical treatment or attention;


f.) A record of all prescriptions and of medications administered;


g.) The date, time, and place of all medical encounters and discharges from treatment; and


h.) Other pertinent documents, including laboratory, x-ray, diagnostic studies, consent and refusal forms and release of information consent forms.



Policy, procedure and practice provide that when any inmate is transferred to another detention or correctional facility, the sending facility should provide the receiving facility with a summary of any treatment or care being provided, including any prescribed medication on hand sufficient to allow the receiving facility time to order needed medication.



The health care provider(s) should, at least annually, review the inmate health care system and provide the Sheriff or Multi-county Jail Authority and Administrator with a written, narrative report on the results of their review and recommendations for change, if any.



The health care provider to provide Corrections officers and Deputies with on the job vaccinations such as HEP B, Flu shots and minor first aid.



Sealed bid proposals, marked “OCJ Medical RFP 2021”, must be submitted on or before February 12th, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. to:

Oxford County Commissioners

PO Box 179 / 26 Western Avenue

South Paris, ME 04281


The County reserves the right to waive any informalities in proposals, to accept or reject any or all proposals, should it be in the County’s best interest to do so.

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