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Town of Winthrop

Norcross Point Redevelopment Plan

The Town of Winthrop (hereinafter “Town”) seeks a qualified professional Consultant or Consultant Team (hereinafter “Consultant”) to assist the Town in developing a Redevelopment Plan for Winthrop’s Norcross Point and Beach,

as provided, in large part, by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry’s Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant program.


This grant program is designed to address the following priority goals:


  • 2020‐2025 Maine State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
    • Theme 5: Invest in Maintenance and Stewardship 
      • Prioritize rehab, upgrades, and revisions to existing sites to meet current and 

future outdoor recreation needs.  

  • Invest in infrastructure improvements that make ongoing maintenance more sustainable.  
  • Ensure trails and other infrastructure are well‐designed to minimize future rehabilitation. 


The Redevelopment Plan will provide the design for implementing the community’s vision for the future of the recreational site while addressing the grant program’s priority goals.


Project Summary

Background: Norcross Point and beach area in the Town of Winthrop has been in existence since the 1970’s and serves as a waterfront recreational area that includes a boat launch and docks.  Amenities at the property also include: public bathrooms, gazebo, picnic tables and grills.

Needs: There is aging infrastructure on the property that is severely deteriorated and need to either be removed, rebuilt, or upgraded.  These structures include: an aging concrete pier located in the swimming area that needs to be removed for safety reasons; the docks need to be replaced, upgrades to the walkways/paths around the property, parking lot needs to be rehabilitated.

Goals: To create a current site conditions plan and develop a future site design plan that both addresses the infrastructure needs and provides site improvement opportunities.


Project Objectives

The overall objective is the preparation of a comprehensive plan for the Norcross Point/Public Beach area. The resulting comprehensive plan that enhances the area as a community resource for public recreation, will be initially utilized to develop a May 2021 funding proposal to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF); additionally, this plan will be written such that it can be used as a long-term guide to necessary improvements fostering public use and enjoyment of the area.


Specific goals include the documentation of existing site conditions and develop future site design plans for the Norcross Point/Public Beach area. 



Past Planning Efforts of Note:

The Town of Winthrop has a Comprehensive Plan that was completed in 2010.  Please refer to the following link for a complete copy of the most current Comprehensive Plan:

Project Geography

Site Map is included in RFP, see Appendix 1.  Please refer to the following link for the most current Tax Map (Parcels 31 & 34)


Project Management

The Project Manager for the Town will be Jeff Kobrock, Town Manager for Winthrop.

Contact information:

Jeff Kobrock

Town Manager

Town of Winthrop

17 Highland Ave

Winthrop ME 04364

207 377 7200 x6003


The Town will hold the contract with the Consultant.


Project Partners

Kennebec Valley Council of Governments:

Landscape Architect



Steering Committee

To facilitate a successful project, a Redevelopment Plan Steering Committee will be established to help guide Town staff and the Consultant as the project progresses.  The principal role of the Steering Committee will be to act as a bridge between local stakeholders and the Consultant, Town, and Partners. The Steering Committee will advise the Consultant, Town, and Partners regarding the project’s mission, direction, refinement and focus, and future efforts as the project progresses. The Steering Committee will also ensure that the legitimate public concerns, recommendations, and ideas properly inform the project throughout project’s lifespan.


Scope of Services

The Consultant will conduct the following minimum tasks. The Town strongly encourages bidders to expand upon these tasks, to provide detail on how they are to be accomplished, to recommend which tasks require greater emphasis, and to suggest additional tasks that may be necessary or beneficial but were not identified in this RFP.


Deliverables and Specific Tasks for the Norcross Point/Public Beach area in the Town of Winthrop:


  • Document existing site conditions
  • Develop future site design plans


  • Project Design/Scope
    • Includes site sketches depicting improvements/date of completion
    • Determine if project will create any new areas
  • Location Description & Uses, Need for Project
    • Site Compatibility / Adjacent Land Uses - site/land use descriptions
  • Project Design & Implementation
    • ADA compliance in design/construction, or universal design principles?
    • design features for longevity and sustainability
  • Project Budget
    • Develop budget in phases as applicable and an action plan if appropriate



Additional Work Items (as required):

Services requested of the Consultant beyond the Scope of Services presented in this Request for Proposals shall be negotiated on an as-needed basis based on hourly rates, by personnel, to be provided with the Consultant’s proposal.





Project Schedule

It is expected that the project shall be completed within _2_ months of Contract Award. The overall project schedule is (Consultant requirements highlighted):












Task: Location Description & Uses, Need for Project









Task: Project Design/Scope









Task: Project Design & Implementation









Task: Project Budget











Submission Requirements

All respondents are required to include the following information in the submittal as a minimum.

1. Project Understanding

Provide a brief summary of your understanding of the project and the plan area.

2. Approach

Describe your recommended approach to achieve each of the tasks outlined in the Services Sought and Scope of Services sections above. Responses are encouraged to think beyond the outlined Scope of Services and provide innovative and cost-effective ideas to create a successful plan.

3. Deliverables

Provide a description or examples of how you will present the deliverables and the tools that will be used to create project products.

4. Team Profile

Provide relevant information regarding the team you propose to work on this project including:

  • Overview of firm(s)
  • Examples of similar projects with location and reference contacts
  • People (experience, availability, commitment)
  • Proposed team organization (org chart) of key personnel with titles and specific tasks




5. Schedule

Provide a project schedule showing key milestones, deliverable dates, proposed meeting dates for Working Group meetings, stakeholder meetings and public outreach activities, presentations to various boards and commissions and Town Council.

6. Budget

Provide a proposed budget for the project that details by task line-item the number of hours planned to include assigned personnel and hourly billing rates by discipline. The proposal should also itemize all anticipated sub-consultants. The budget should clearly itemize time required for meetings and project management.

It is expected that this project will be a collaborative effort with the Town. Town staff will be working closely with the successful respondent on all aspects of the project and in some cases leading elements of the project. Within your response, please include how you would work with Town staff to conduct the project in an effort to save costs wherever possible.

A maximum number of thirty (30) pages are allowed for this proposal (not including resumes and samples of work).

7. Similar Projects

Provide descriptions of successful similar planning projects (up to three projects)


Selection Process

Upon release of this RFP, the Town and Project Partners will be responsible for the review of project proposals and the selection of a qualified project Consultant. All proposals will be opened after the deadline for submitting proposals, in the presence of one or more witnesses, and a register of all applications will be prepared. The proposal opening will not be public. At the discretion of the Town and Project Partners, finalists may be interviewed as part of the evaluation process.


Evaluation Criteria

Professional firms will be evaluated on the following criteria. These criteria will be the basis for review of the written proposals and optional interview session.

1. Scope of Proposal

Does the proposal show an understanding of the project objective, methodology to be used and results that are desired from the project?

2. Assigned Personnel

Do the persons who will be working on the project have the necessary skills? Are sufficient people of the requisite skills assigned to the project?

3. Availability

Can the work be completed in the necessary time? Can the target start and completion dates be met? Are other qualified personnel available to assist in meeting the project schedule if required? Is the project team available to attend meetings as required by the Scope of Services?

4. Sustainability

Does the firm demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in their project proposal? Does the project proposal demonstrate a commitment to the Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant program’s priority goals?

5. Cost and Work Hours

Do the proposed cost and work hours compare favorably with the project manager's estimate? Are the work hours presented reasonable for the effort required in each project task or phase?

6. Firm Capability

Does the firm have the support capabilities the assigned personnel require? Has the firm done previous projects of this type and scope?


Conditions of Submission

All proposals submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the Town. The Town has the right to disclose information contained in the proposals after an award has been made unless Consultant requests certain portions remain confidential. All products developed for this project shall be considered public information and shall be co-owned by the Town and the Consultant.

The Town reserves the right to reject or modify any and all proposals submitted for consideration and to negotiate with any and all responders. The Town reserves the right to amend the RFP and bidders are encouraged to regularly check the Town’s website for updates.


Selection Schedule

  • February­ 12, 2021: Release of RFP
  • February 26, 2021: Deadline for submission of proposals
  • March 5, 2021: Approximate date of award announcement
  • March 10, 2021: Approximate start date for consultant

Submissions of Proposal

Submissions shall be emailed to Jeff Kobrock, Winthrop Town Manager at the following address: One (1) electronic copy of the proposal must be received by 12:00 p.m. EST, February 26, 2021. The email subject line must read “TOWN OF WINTHROP NORCROSS POINT REDEVELOPMENT PLAN”.


Appendix 1

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