RFP-Telephone System for the Patten Free Library

The Patten Free Library (hereafter “The Library”) is soliciting proposals from qualified telecommunication equipment firms to install and support a new phone system to replace an existing Avaya Partner Mail System – Release 5.


  • Your proposal should contain, but not be limited to the following considerations:


  1. Experience of your firm in relation to installation and service of the system requirements.


  1. A list of clients for which your firm has installed and serviced similar systems, including three references.


  1. Staff assignments for installation and services, including experience and skillsets.If specific staff assignments are not determinable at this time, listed skillsets are sufficient.


  1. Firm financial strength, capability to meet RFP criteria, and staff stability history.


  1. Cost of installation as requested under “Nature of Services Required”


  1. Cost of annual service contract as requested under “Nature of Services Required”


  1. Cost and details of any other applicable fees


  1. Earliest start and finish; timeframe to complete installation


  1. Documentation of firm’s insurance coverage for services performed



All questions and correspondence should be directed solely to Lesley Dolinger in writing at the above address or emailing lesley.dolinger@patten.lib.me.us or by calling 207-443-5141 x15. Relevant questions/responses will be available to other possible vendors to assist them with creating proposals. Contact with other Library personnel or with Library officials regarding this RFP may be grounds for elimination from the selection process.



  • Proposal Information


Proposals will be accepted by The Library until 5:00 p.m., on March 26, 2021.  Please direct proposals to the attention of Lesley Dolinger. All proposals become the property of The Library without obligation.


  1. Nature of Services Required


A replacement telephone system to replace an Avaya Partner Mail System – Release 5.


Requirements of new system:

  • VoIP
  • Online central management of system
  • Unified communications – mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Voice continuity for internet outages
  • Support multiple phone numbers
  • Auto attendant
  • Direct to various extensions for a voice message about hours
  • Direct to various extensions for staff and departments
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Call transfer
  • Call routing – within the building and outside for staff working at home
  • Internal chat/conferencing
  • Physical phones including desk, cordless, and headset options – approximately 12 (include cost for 12 and credits for fewer and charges for additional phones)
  • OPTIONAL: A physical intercom system allowing alerts (emergency or general communications) via speakers or speakerphones
  • OPTIONAL: UPS system if beneficial for any proposed on-site equipment

Support requirements:

  • An initial period for support of installation, included in cost of installation, until system is determined by The Library to be meeting 100% of contract requirements.
  • Help desk contact 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Clear list of costs, including but not limited to:
    • Annual service fee
    • Hourly costs for service (remote and physical)
    • List of costs for common replacement items


  • Proposal Processes


  • Proposals will be delivered to the Library not later than An electronic version is required via email to lesley.dolinger@patten.lib.me.us. A printed copy in addition may be supplied to:

Lesley Dolinger

Patten Free Library

33 Summer Street, Bath, ME 04530

  • A physical site review will be arranged prior to proposal submission if requested, according to COVID-19 safety guidelines.


  • Presentations of possible finalists may be arranged via video conferencing. No one with conflicts of interest will interview proposers.


  • The Library will select a proposal based on compliance with the requirements contained in the RFP and cost.


  • The Library has made no decision as to the date of the award of the audit.All proposers will be notified of the action in a timely manner.


  • Once a contract has been signed, work may begin immediately, with costs to be billed to The Library as the charges generated by the selected firm in accordance with the final agreement/contract.


  • The installation must be completed no later than


D.     The Library reserves the right:


  • To reject any and all proposals submitted.
  • To request additional information from any/all proposers.

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