RFP for High-Speed Internet Network

The Town of Chebeague Island is requesting proposals from Internet Service Providers to assist the Town in building a high-speed Internet Network covering approximately 480 household and business locations, most of which are now served by low speed DSL-based internet service. 


The Town of Chebeague Island is presently served by 2 DSL suppliers: Axiom Technologies, LLC, and Consolidated Communications Inc. The Town is seeking proposals to provide Islandwide access to a Fiber-to-the Home Network with service to every location requesting it.. There are (as noted above) approximately 480 unserved locations (potential subscribers) spread along 23 miles of road, giving an average of 21.5 potential subscribers/mile. A location is considered unserved if it has Internet Access speeds lower than 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. 

The complete RFP can be seen on the town's website at www.townofchebeagueisland.org. 

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