Full Time AEMT and Paramedic - Med-Care Ambulance, Mexico Maine

Full Time AEMT & Paramedic Job Opportunities

System Information:

40-hour workweek
24/16 shift with 48 hours off in between shifts
Kelly system with a Kelly day rotating between every 5th or 7th week
65 employees with 15 full time ALS Providers and 3 administrative positions
Covering 11 towns over 550 square miles
Responding from 1 new 14,000 square foot central station built in 2014
Responding to 4000+ calls a year
911 and Routine Transfer responses 50/50
Responses include anything urban, rural, wilderness, along with fire and hazmat incidents
Med-Care staffs 3 ALS units 24/7
Teamsters Union/Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Career advancement opportunities within a paramilitary organizational structure

Salary and Benefits:

Minimum starting pay of AEMT $35,360.00 Paramedic $45,750 adjusted commensurate with experience
Extremely competitive Health Insurance Plans to include HRA
Insurance Opt out Plan
Affordable / Optional Dental Plan available
Income Protection Plan
Employer 4% matching 5304 Simple plan (IRA)
Life insurance plan through Maine Municipal Association
Supplemental insurance available with AFLAC & Principal Life
Paid Vacation, Sick, and Personal time
13 Paid Holidays
Educational Assistance and compensation for attendance for all mandated programs, i.e., ACLS, PALS, PEPP, PHTLS, etc.
Clothing Allowance

Equal Opportunity Employer

Applications can be located online at www.med-careambulance.com , click on the “about”. Fill out application, print off and either mail, fax (207-369-0635), or scan and email to deputy.chief@medcareambulance.com.
For more information or questions, contact Deputy Chief Landry at 207-364-8748 X560.

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