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ISSUE: September 15, 2021 RESPONSES DUE: October 06, 2021 at 11:00 A.M.



Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
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Legal Advertisement Designer Services Request for Proposal

Campus Feasibility Assessment Town of Ogunquit, ME
The Town of Ogunquit is seeking proposals from qualified, experienced architectural firms to develop and perform an assessment of Town owned buildings making up the current campus – the Dunaway Center and Old Village School. The Dunaway Center currently houses the Town’s Administrative offices, Police Department, Community Center, Visitor Services and Ogunquit Performing Arts. The scope of the project will be limited to department reviews, physical building conditions assessments of the Dunaway Center and Old Village School, and the assets’ ability to accommodate the Town’s needs over the next 25-30 years. This initial scope is not intended to produce schematic design layout for any site(s). Proposals will be received at the office of the Town Manager, Dunaway Center 23 School St. Ogunquit, ME until October 06, 2021 at 11:00AM, and at that time and place opened and recorded.
This solicitation is being conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Town of Ogunquit’s Purchasing Policy and applicable ordinances. Any resulting contract will be strictly awarded in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation and the instructions contained herein. A quality-based selection process will be used to select the Architect. The Board of Selectmen have appointed the Facilities & Space Needs Committee to evaluate proposal responses and experience and recommend an award. The Town reserves the right to negotiate a final scope and fee with the chosen firm. The selected firm may be retained through other project phases or completion of design, bidding and construction phases pending additional funding authorization, without solicitation for up to 12 months.
A briefing session will be held at the Dunaway Center at 23 School St. Ogunquit ME on September 22, 2021 at 11:00AM. A tour of the existing facilities will take place at that time.
Specifications, Terms and Conditions and Forms may be obtained via the Town’s website at
www.Townofogunquit.org, on the Select Board’s page under “Bids and Announcement” RFP for Design Services. Questions and clarifications shall be submitted in writing no later than September 29, 2021 at 11:00AM to Anthony DiLuzio (Diluzioanthonyj@gmail.com). There is no expressed or implied obligation for the Town to reimburse responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this request. Proposers shall examine all information and materials contained in and with this solicitation. Failure to do so shall be at the proposer’s risk. The Town of Ogunquit reserves the right without prejudice to waive any informalities or irregularities in the proposals received, or to reject any and all proposals, wholly or in part.
Matthew Buttrick
Interim Town Manager
Advertised with Maine Municipal Association Advertised on the Town website
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
I. Project Overview
Project Background
Originally given to the Town by Justin Dunaway in 1974 as a Community Center, the Police Department occupies the ground level of the Dunaway Center; the Town Administrative offices, Visitors Services, and the Ogunquit Performing Arts Committee are on the main level of the building. There are approximately 12-14 full time employees that interact with the public performing a variety of services from issuing licenses to collecting taxes to passing out Beach Stickers. Activity increases substantially at the Dunaway Center from April through September as seasonal residents return to Ogunquit and the tourist season gets underway. The building footprint occupies 7,500+/-gsf. comprised of an occupied basement and first floor for a total of approximately 15,000gsf. The two level, "T' shaped building is constructed of 2x4 wood framing on poured concrete foundation with a brick veneer facade.
The Ogunquit Police Department roster consists of approximately 6 sworn Police Officers, 2-3 Dispatchers and 3-4 reserve officers; and during the summer months up to 12 Customer Service Officers (CSO’s) and 1 civilian Administrative Assistant. Normal staffing levels are 2 on-duty Police Officers and 1 Dispatcher. During the day, Monday through Friday the Police Chief, Lieutenant and Detective are also on duty.
The Old Village School (OVS) is a 2 story, wood framed building of approximately 8,000 SF. The current building was constructed circa 1920s in the location of an existing smaller two-room schoolhouse. Reportedly, the original school was elevated and incorporated into the new larger school construction. This is readily evident within the attic space as the original roof framing can still be seen encapsulated within the newer, larger roof framing. However, the foundation and second floor framing appear to have been constructed at once, without apparent elements of the original schoolhouse. The building has been mostly vacant since the school's closure in the early 2000s. More recently the Town’s Facilities Department used portions of the building for their needs but relocated the Public Works Garage in the spring of 2021.
Over the years the Town has conducted numerous studies to address the growing facilities needs in the Community. The current location of the Police Department is a primary concern due to the deterioration of the conditions of the Dunaway Center. Prior to a 2018 assessment of the Ogunquit Village School, the last major review of Town owned facilities was the Ogunquit Municipal Offices & Garage Plan in 2018. These reports and historical documents are available at the Town’s website;
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal


The most recent and relevant documents addressing the Dunaway Community Center and Old Village School are:
Ogunquit Village School - Becker Agreement for Engineering Services 04-18-2018.pdf Dunaway Community Center - H.L. Turner Group Building Evaluation 03-04-2004.pdf Dunaway Community Center - Space Needs Assessment Reed & Co. 11-27-2001.pdf
The Select Board has designated this as a priority project and appointed the Facility & Space Needs Committee to facilitate the development and evaluations of space needs programs, facility conditions assessments and recommendations leading to recommendations for updating, renovating, repurposing and building of facilities and spaces.
The Board desires to put forward a Capital Project Plan inclusive of concept plans, budgets and proposed schedules to update, renovate, repurpose, and/or build a Community Center, Police Station, and Town Office for Ogunquit voters to make their choice at our annual meeting in May 2022
The goal of this committee to have a referendum on the Town Meeting ballot in November of 2022.

A. Project Schedule
The following is a preliminary tentative schedule noting target dates for phases and tasks to be completed.
09/15/2021 RFP Available
09/22/2021 Pre-Response Site Visit and Briefing (11:00AM)
09/29/2021 Last Day for Questions (11:00AM)
10/06/2021 Responses to Designer RFP due (11:00AM)
11/10/2021 Interviews for Pre-Selected Candidates (anticipated schedule)
11/17/2021 Notification of Award (*Pending 11.16.21 Board Meeting)
11/25/2021 Executed Contract
03/15/2022 Campus Feasibility Assessment issued
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal

B. Proposal Fee Format
Facility Conditions Assessment Dunaway Center $
Facility Conditions Assessment Old Village School $
Town Administration Program Assessment $
Police Department Program Assessment $
Community Center Program $
Facility Conditions Assessment fees shall be inclusive of all code and specialty consultants require by the respondent to perform a full physical assessment of the building and its systems as compared to the currently adopted International Existing Building Code.

C. Pre-Bid Conference
A voluntary briefing session and site visit will be held at the Dunaway Center located at 23 School St. Ogunquit, ME on September 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

D. Deadline to Submit Questions
Questions or clarifications regarding the RFP shall be submitted in writing by 11:00 AM, September 29, 2021.
Submit questions to:
Name Anthony DiLuzio Phone 774-262-2770
Email Diluzioanthonyj@gmail.com
II. Scope of Design Services
A. Comprehensive Design Services
The Town of Ogunquit intends to commission one firm to provide all programming and facility conditions assessment necessary to evaluate the needs of the Town’s Administrative Offices, Police Department, and desired Community Center. The selected firm will have the responsibility to provide these services through the firm’s own capabilities and approved sub-consultants as necessary. The selected firm must possess the skills and experience associated with conducting such building evaluations, complete design and construction phases of similar type projects. Other areas of expertise such as cost estimating, code research, or all as needed for the complete design of the project, are the responsibility of the design team commission. This expertise must be provided if, or as needed, by in-house personnel or through engaging sub-consultants.
Services shall include but not be limited to:
1. Provide all necessary requirements as is customary and defined by AIA Basic Services as the basis for the contracted scope.
2. Conduct hazardous building materials survey for each facility
3. Develop workflow individual departments
4. Meet with the F&SN Committee, Town Officials and other project stakeholders …add to gain a full understanding of the Town’s specific needs, goals and objectives to support the operations for the next 25 years.
5. Attend Facilities & Space Needs Committee meetings as necessary to present the project findings, site considerations and options as necessary to inform the Town sufficiently for its decision-making process. The Committee meetings shall be anticipated at a minimum of twice monthly. More meetings may be required based on the phases and progress of the design services.
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
6. Provide an independent cost estimator with a minimum of five (5) years experience providing construction cost estimating services on similar public projects. Detailed construction cost estimates and total project cost shall be in sufficient detail based on the square footage and various spaces.
7. Develop final programming and cost estimate report of findings sufficient for presentation to hold public information meetings and to present to the Select Board.
8. Review the Town Sustainability website add language here for any specific goals to be accommodated.
9. Provide building engineering existing conditions reviews for Structural, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Protection, and Building Code to determine the current facilities ability to accommodate the findings or the program.
a. Firms anticipating subcontracting portions for the requested services shall provide the firms, name, descriptions, licenses and registration, years’ experience providing such services, staff members resume assigned to this project and similar experience. All costs for subcontracted work shall be included in the proposed fee. The Prime contract shall be responsible for all professional liabilities and insurances
The Owner may engage the services of other consultants, as needed, outside the architect’s contractual obligation, as well as hazmat consultant, or other consultants the Owner deems necessary beyond the contractual requirements of the Architect.
B. Minimum Qualifications
All applicants must meet the following list of minimum qualifications to be considered for the project. The applicant is responsible to present their qualifications in a clear and concise manner. The minimum qualifications are as follows:
1. Maine registered architect with a minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in the design and construction administration of public safety construction projects. Maine registration and licensing in all other applicable subconsultant disciplines.
2. A thorough knowledge of the Maine State Building Code, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and all other local, State and Federal codes that would apply to this project.
3. Prior experience in design and construction of projects of similar size, cost and complexity.
4. Financial and operational ability to perform the design services on this project.
5. Experience relating to “sustainable” building design and construction and LEED Certified buildings.
6. Experience with renovation of buildings with historical characteristics.
7. Submission of a completed Certificate of Non-Collusion by the applicant.
8. Submission of a completed Certificate of Tax Compliance Certification by the applicant.
9. Submission of a completed Certificate of Corporate Authority by the applicant.
10. The selected entity shall be required to carry at their expense professional malpractice and/or errors and omissions insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 aggregate, with a deductible of no more than $25,000.00 per claim. The selected entity shall also carry general liability and motor vehicle insurance policies listing the Town as additionally insured in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate for bodily injury and property damage liability.
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
11. The selected entity shall also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town, Town Officials, employees, boards, commission, agents and representatives against all claims, course of actions, suits, damages and liability of any kind which arise out of the negligence or willful misconduct of the selected entity.
C. Owner/Architect Agreement
All firms submitting responses must include a statement in the cover letter indicating the review and acceptance or exceptions of the terms and conditions of the attached Owner - Designer Agreement. The Town will negotiate the full extent of scope of services and deliverables as an attachment to the contract with the top ranked firm.
III. Design Team Selection Process
A. Review Process
The Town of Ogunquit plans to select a design firm for the “Campus Feasibility Assessment through a “Quality Based Selection Process” utilizing a combination of written proposal evaluation and interview process. The Committee will evaluate the written proposals and rank the firms in order of qualifications. The Committee will take into account all available information, including but not limited to: the scope of work; project specific criteria; reference information; project specific information; performance of applicants on previous public and private work; and the information contained in the firm’s application. The Committee may at its discretion invite up to four (4) firms to present their teams and qualifications at an interview before the Committee.
B. Evaluation Criteria of Written Proposals
The following criteria, listed in random order, are likely to be considered in evaluating firms to be interviewed based upon written proposal submissions:
1. Compliance with the submission requirements.
2. Quality of proposal, project approach and organization.
3. Experience of firm in design of municipal projects of similar size and complexity to this project and assigned personnel.
4. Ability to begin immediately after Notice to Proceed and complete work within the given time frame as outlined above.
5. Success of completed projects, including adherence to schedule and budget.
6. Satisfaction of former or present clients with similar projects.
7. Creativity, appeal and timelessness of designs of past projects.
8. Experience and reputations of proposed consultants and assigned individuals, specifically with regard to the MEP/FP and Structural Engineering team members with similar buildings.
9. Firms understanding of the challenges and creative solutions offered though their project approach
10. Financial stability of the firm.
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
C. Presentation and Interview
The Committee may elect to interview firms that submit proposals and receive high reviews from the written proposal process. Key members of the proposed design teams are expected to participate in the interview/presentation including the Principal-in-Charge, Project Architect, and/or other individuals proposed to play key roles in the planning and design of the project and that will likely be interfacing with the Committee for the duration of the Project. The Committee will send their recommendations to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen for consideration and recommendation to award.
D. Interviews/Presentation Evaluation Considerations
The following criteria, not listed in priority order, are likely to be considered in evaluating and selecting the design team after presentation interviews:
1. Experience with multi-year projects commencing with programming and culminating with project delivery.
2. Experience with Police Facility programming, design, and construction.
3. Experience with Historic building types by consultant design team members.
4. Sensitivity to Town of Ogunquit, plan, culture, geography and ability to assist the Committee in presenting the project to the voters.
5. Clarity and method of presentation.
6. Track record of delivering projects on time and budget from concept to completion.
7. Cohesion and clarity of role of design team members including consultants.
8. Experience creativity and sensitivity in problem solving.
9. Personal chemistry and energy of design team members.
E. Designer Selection & Negotiation
Following interviews, the finalists shall be ranked in order of qualification and a rationale for selection and ranking shall be recorded for the record. The Town then anticipates negotiating an acceptable, lump sum, not-to-exceed fee, with the top-ranked finalist and award a contract. The fee shall include all expenses, including but not limited to, travel, meeting attendance, preparation and production of reports, phone calls, and faxes. If an acceptable fee cannot be negotiated with the top- ranked finalist, the Town will negotiate with the other finalists in order of their ranking.
IV. Instructions for Submission of Design Service Proposal
A. Submission Logistics
Proposal submissions must be received by October 6, 2021 at 11:00 am. One sealed envelope or container containing one original un-bound, ten (10) copies, and one electronic version (USB/thumb- drive) of the Proposal submittal marked “Campus Feasibility Assessment” must be received by mail to the Town of Ogunquit, PO Box 875 Ogunquit, ME 03907 or by delivery to the Town of Ogunquit 23 School St. Ogunquit, ME 03907on or before the time frame outlined in the legal advertisement. It is the sole responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the Qualification submittal arrives on time and at the designated place.
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
Within your Proposal submittal, please supply each of the following items and clearly structure and label your submittal:
Cover Letter including name of Agency/Firm, address and telephone number, signed in ink by someone authorized to sign such documents.
Attach a Financial Statement for the two previous calendar years attested by a CPA or Bank Officer. In respect of confidentiality, this may be submitted (one copy) in a separate envelope. This information will only be used if financial information provided in the Qualification submittal is not adequate to communicate financial capabilities. If you do not provide financial statements, you must include a letter to that effect and provide some other means to determine the financial status of your company.
Submissions received late or submissions received at other than the designated location will be returned to the submitter unopened.
B. Contents of Written Proposals
Care should be taken by the proposing firms to present a succinct but informative proposal. The following is a list of minimum information to be included in the written proposals to be submitted:
1. Description of Firm: Name, address, phone number, fax number and email address. History and description of the firm, including number of personnel in each discipline and a description of in-house services.
2. Certificate of Legal Existence: Including name and addresses of persons controlling the legal entity.
3. Financial Stability: Submit an audited financial statement for the most recent fiscal year. The financial information submitted shall remain confidential and shall not be a public record.
4. Organization: Proposed project organization, including resumes of key personnel proposed for this project, and an organization chart delineating internal relationships and external consultant responsibilities. Resumes shall indicate years of experience and length of employment.
5. Consultants: List any and all consultants, including their disciplines, which the firm plans to utilize on this project. A description of each consultant’s firm must be supplied. Consultants are to be included as part of basic services.
6. Project Specific Thoughts and Ideas: Provide any materials that will demonstrate your design team’s sensitivity, creativity, and insight into the issues related to the project.
7. Project Approach: A management plan and detailed task schedule outlining the firm’s intended approach to this project and plan for working with the Owner to ensure a successful project should be presented.
8. Firms Project Experience: A list of all public projects in Maine for which the applicant has entered into contract for architectural services within the past 5 years.
9. Similar Project Experience: Description of similar public projects, at least three (3) projects having been fully funded and built. Include the following reference information at a minimum:
• Name of Project
• Owner, Owner’s Representative, telephone numbers
• Dollar value of the project
• Design schedule
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
• Completion date
• Principal-in-Charge and Project Architect
10. Current Workload:
• Name of projects
• Owner’s Representative and telephone number
• Dollar value of the project
• Design schedule
• Completion date
• Principal and Project Architect in charge
11. Certificates: Submission of the following Certificates:
• Certificate of Tax Compliance
• Certificate of Non-Collusion
• Certificate of Corporate Authority. The Certificate of Authority provided, or the firm’s corporate vote will satisfy this requirement.
Insurance: Statement that the applicant and any consultants presently have, or can obtain, the insurance requirement listed under Minimum Qualifications.
13. Litigation: List any and all lawsuits you have been a party to in the last five years, and the position your firm has taken.
14. Owner-Architect Agreement: The Town intends to enter into a design agreement for limited programming services based off the standard AIA Owner-Architect agreement as amended and modified to meet any statutory requirements.
15. Addenda: Applicants must acknowledge the receipt of any addenda issued by the Town of Ogunquit. Failure to acknowledge any addenda will result in disqualification of the applicant. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure receipt of any addenda.
The Town of Ogunquit reserves the right to reject any and all proposals in whole or in part, and to waive minor informalities, when at its sole discretion is deemed to be in the best interests of the Town and to the extent permitted by law.
C. Fee Proposals – Fee for Service
Fee negotiations will take place with the most qualified proposer as determined by the Committee and as approved by the Town Manager. The selected and approved proposer shall provide the Awarding Authority with a fee proposal that includes a proposed lump-sum fixed fee along with a detailed breakdown of the estimated labor and expenses the successful proposer believes are necessary to perform each task. All related cost information requested by the Awarding Authority shall be furnished by the successful proposer for the purpose of complete disclosure during negotiations. In addition to the Proposal Fee Format described above the finalist selected for negotiations shall provide the following, but is not limited to:
Breakdown of Design fees by phase with specific deliverables from prime and subconsultants by;
Hourly rates for the design and subconsultant personnel with any projected increases over the duration of the project;
An itemized breakdown of all other costs included in the fee proposal.
If the Town of Ogunquit is unable to negotiate a contractual Agreement, including the fee, with the top-ranked finalist, the Town of Ogunquit will then commence negotiations with the next ranked
Designer Services
Campus Feasibility Assessment
Request for Proposal
finalist and so on, until a contract is successfully negotiated and approved by the Town of Ogunquit.
The Town of Ogunquit reserves the right to award the contract to the responsive and responsible proposer who submitted the Qualification submittal which best meets the Town’s needs, taking into account the Qualification submittal quality and evaluation criteria. The Town’s decision or judgment on these matters shall be final, conclusive and binding.


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