Town of Sabattus RFP for Bulky Waste & Demo Debris

The Town of Sabattus (hereinafter “the Town") is soliciting Proposals from qualified companies able to provide Oversized Bulky Waste and Demolition Debris Disposal services for the Town.


Bidders (hereinafter also referred to as “Contractors” or “Vendors”) may bid on all service components in the Scope of Services section, any single component, or any group of services. Contractors should bid only on the individual service(s) for which you are interested, able and qualified to provide the Town of Sabattus.


All proposals shall become the property of the Town of Sabattus. The Town of Sabattus reserves the right to:

  1. reject any and all proposals;
  2. waive technical or legal deficiencies or formalities that do not affect the validity of any proposal as determined by the Town;
  3. to accept any proposal in its entirely, or individual components of a single proposal, that are in the best interest of the Town; and,
  4. to negotiate the terms and conditions of any proposal leading to acceptance and final execution of contracts for services


Any questions regarding this Invitation to Bid should be directed to Jerry Sabins, Sabattus Transfer Station Manager, by phone at 207-375-2507 or by email at






Bidders must provide quotes using the “Price Quote Sheet” supplied in this RFP. Bidders may also supply additional information and explanation of price quotes separately. However, only bid submissions that include a completed Price Quote Sheet will be considered.


The Town desires to contract disposal Bulky Waste materials. The Town is also evaluating current and projected costs of the Town’s internal transport/hauling operations. The Town is therefore inviting hauling quotes from contractors in order to make a decision to continue Town hauling operations, or contract with a vendor.



The Town of Sabattus currently hauls all of its Bulky Waste to disposal sites. Bulky Waste is hauled in a 40-yard, open top roll-off container and averages approximately three to three and a half (3 - 3.5) tons per haul.


The Town of Sabattus currently hauls an average of two to three (2 - 3) Bulky Waste hauls per week.  Total Annual Tonnage averages for the past several years are as follows:


Bulky Waste = approximately three hundred (350) tons per year


Bidders are invited to submit proposals for the following individual service of Disposal of Bulky Waste & Demolition Debris.



Service 1 : Bulky Waste Disposal

Task Description: Provide description of waste disposal options.


  • Type of facility (i.e. WTE, landfill, etc.);
  • How material is handled;
  • Delivery Obligations;
  • Facility Rules;
  • Facility Hours of Operation;
  • Location of the facility;
  • Hauling distance from Sabattus Transfer Station;
  • Type of materials accepted and not accepted; and,
  • Tipping fee for each year proposed in contract term (2, 3 or 5 years).




Contractor shall invoice the Town, at a minimum, once a month (every 30 days) for all services as agreed upon.


Contractor shall be solely responsible for the safety of Contractor's employees and others relative to Contractor's work, work procedures, material, equipment, transportation, signage and related activities and equipment.


Contractor shall operate in compliance with OSHA and DOT regulations.


Contractor shall possess and keep in force all licenses, business permits, insurance coverages, and other permits required to perform its services.





Contract Term

Bidders shall supply price quotes (one quote each) for the following contract terms for each service the bidder desires to provide the Town:

  1. a Three-year (3-yr) contract; and,
  2. a Five-year (5-yr) contract.


Contract shall begin on November 3, 2021 and run through October 31, in either 2024 or 2026, contingent upon the term option above that is ultimately selected by the Town.


Price Escalators

  1. Bids that include price escalators in later years of the contract term must explain the exact mechanism and formula used to determine price increases.
  2. If price escalators are tied to a standard index such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) than a price reduction must also be part of the formula in the event the CPI (or other index) is decreased in later years.
  3. No annual increase may exceed more than 3.00% compared to the previous year’s price.


Tax Exemption

The Town of Sabattus is a tax-exempt entity as designated by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and therefore exempt from sales tax on the purchases of goods and services. Proof of tax exemption documentation shall be provided to the winning bidder(s). Quotes shall reflect the Town’s tax-exempt status.





All bid submissions must include a completed Price Quote Sheet supplied in the bid package. Any additional or supporting information you would like to supply outside of what is requested in this RFP will be accepted and reviewed. However, any bid submitted without a completed Price Quote Sheet will not be considered.





Submission Details

All Proposals must be prepared, signed and submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Bulky Waste Disposal Proposal” and delivered to the Sabattus Municipal Office Building located at 190 Middle Road, Sabattus, Maine 04280. Proposals will be accepted either by U.S. Postal Service (or other nationally recognized carrier) or hand delivered until 12:00 PM (local time) on FRIDAY, October 22, 2021. 


PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER 12:00 P.M. ON 10/22/2021 WILL BE PLACED IN THE FILE UNOPENED AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. No PROPOSALS will be considered that are sent by fax, email or any other means other than mail or hand delivery as stated in this rfp.


ALL Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly marked:

Dr. Timothy Kane, Town Manager

Bulky Waste Proposal

Town of Sabattus

190 Middle Road

Sabattus, Maine 04280



Each bidder shall submit two (2) copies of its proposal. Proposals shall include:


  • Transmittal Letter

Introduce the company and summarize what services within this RFP are being offered.


  • Contractor Description

Provide a description and history of the Contractor emphasizing the Contractor's resources and expertise in the area(s) relevant to this RFP.


Provide a description of the company’s corporate structure (i.e. wholly owned private corporation, or LLC, etc.).


Identify the person(s) who will be the primary contact person with the Town and the company’s Operations Manager in charge of each service


  • Services

Details of the service and how they will be provided


Any price escalators in later years must be clearly explained in proposal.


If Contractor proposes to provide containers, clearly state what the cost, if any, for use of Contractor’s container(s), as a per monthly rental fee (such fee shall be firm for the first year of the contract. Any price escalators in later years must be clearly explained in proposal).


  • Additional Pricing Information

Please describe on a separate sheet any additional pricing options or additional explanation of pricing methodologies that do not easily fit on the supplied Price Quote sheet.


  • References

Provide the names, titles, locations, and phone numbers of persons who can substantiate the firm’s referenced experiences.



Bid Opening

Proposals shall be opened at the Sabattus Municipal Office Building located at 190 Middle Road, Sabattus, Maine 04280 at 12:15 PM (local time) on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 and results of each bid will be read aloud. All proposals shall be reviewed by the Transfer Station Manager and the Town Manager. Recommendations to grant the contract(s) to the winning bidder(s) will be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen for review and approval. Recommendations and contract awards will be based on a combination of contractor pricing, contractor qualifications, and total transportation costs for the Town.


Contract Award(s)

We anticipate the Sabattus Board of Selectmen will vote and grant the contract(s) during their next regular business meeting after the bid submission deadline which begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

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