Animal Control Officer - Benton

Monthly Stipend:  $266.66

Mileage: Federal Mileage Reimbursement amount.  Base start and end point for mileage calculation is the Town of Benton office location.

Nature of Work:
This is primary field work enforcing municipal and State ordinances relating to the regulation and control of dogs and other animals.

Employee of this class is responsible for the enforcement of various animal control ordinances. Work involves constant and varied contact with the public and potentially dangerous animals; maintaining records and reports; monitoring licensure and incident reports and assisting the officers of the department as needed. Work is carried out in accordance with established rules and procedures and is reviewed through reports and observation of results achieved.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Examples of Work (Illustrative Only):

Investigates complaints concerning the regulation, licensing and control of dogs and other animals.

Determines if any State laws or municipal ordinances have been violated and takes appropriate action such as catching, confining or quarantining dogs or other animals.

Shall provide enforcement of Dogs at Large, Disposition of Dogs at Large, Rabies Vaccinations, Dog Licenses, Animal Violations, Animal Control, Dangerous Dogs, Animal Trespassing, Investigation of Animal Cruelty, Suspect Animals and any other State laws or municipal ordinances related to animal welfare.

Responds to complaints about loose or stray animals, and attempts to collect them.

Issues warnings, or citations, to animal owners and appears as a witness in District Court as necessary.

Inspects licensed kennel facilities annually.

Delivers captured animals to the Animal Hospital.

Rescues, or aids in the rescue of trapped, wounded, sick or injured animals.

Maintains all necessary reports and records on incidents involving stray or wild animals.

Coordinates with the Town Office to review and visit owners of pending/past due dog licenses.

Conducts public education sessions as may be required.

Performs related work as may be required.

Requirements of Work:
Knowledge of the principles, practices and equipment used in animal handling.

Knowledge of the geography of the Town.

Knowledge of the applicable State laws and Town ordinances.

Ability to acquire working knowledge of applicable court procedures.

Ability to prepare and maintain records and reports and keep up to date on required State forms.

Ability to deal courteously, but firmly, with the general public.

Ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing.

Skill in the handling of animals, both domestic and wild.

Training and Experience Required:
Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent; considerable experience in handling animals.
Necessary Special Requirements:

Must be certified in accordance with section MRS 3906-B, subsection 4 of Maine State Law.

Upon initial appointment, an animal control officer must complete basic training and be certified by the commissioner within 6 months of appointment.  Initial training must include training in investigation of complaints of cruelty to animals, training in response to calls concerning animals suspected of having rabies and training in enforcement of dog licensing laws and rabies immunization laws.

An animal control officer must attend advanced training programs as described in MRS Section 3906-B, subsection 4 to maintain certification.  Advanced training must include but is not limited to training in animal cruelty with respect to hoarders of animals, animal cruelty with respect to domestic violence, new laws, case reviews and report writing.

An animal control officer must have a minimum of 8 hours of training each year. 

Must possess physical strength and agility sufficient for performing job duties.

Must possess valid appropriate State of Maine motor vehicle operator's license

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