Dresden Assessor's Agent RFP

The Town of Dresden Select Board are accepting proposals from qualified individuals or companies to perform the duties of Assessors’ Agent for the Town of Dresden. This position will be an appointed position and requires all persons performing valuation work to be a Certified Maine Assessor.

Assessors' Agent has the following duties:

To perform the field work and update the property assessment cards for all new construction, reconstruction and demolition that has occurred in the Town of Dresden since April 1, 2021;

To review the existing Dresden land and building schedules that are used for calculating property values and make recommendations to the Board of Assessors (the Board);

To conduct field reviews of ten percent (10%) of buildings in Dresden annually;

To trend for tax year 2022 all current property assessments in accordance with ratios appropriate to various property classes for the purpose of keeping the municipality's assessment ratio above ninety percent (90%);

To be present in the Dresden Town Office at least two (2) days a month for a full day to complete paperwork and to respond to assessing inquiries from the public;

To prepare for the Board’s review and approval all correspondence with Maine Revenue Services, including but not limited to Municipal Valuation Returns, completion of Sales Turn-Around document,  correspondence regarding the preliminary state valuation, etc.

To regularly and openly communicate with the Board and Town Administrator with regard to any information that the Board may need to make informed decisions about the municipality's assessing policies and practice;

To defend any municipal assessment before the County Commissioners, State Board of Property Tax Review, or any court of competent jurisdiction;

To appeal the municipality's state valuation when the Board deems such an appeal to be warranted;

To maintain the town's property tax maps by plotting land splits and recording new values with GIS; and any standard and necessary function of an assessing agent that may be reasonably required.

These duties shall be performed as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the Town of Dresden.

Any proposal submitted pursuant to this request shall be in writing and clearly state the charges for performing the above-listed functions for the single tax year beginning April 1, 2022. All proposals shall be addressed to:

Town Of Dresden

PO Box 30

Dresden, ME 04342


The Board of Selectmen/Assessors shall open and review all proposals submitted at the regularly scheduled meeting of the selectmen on March 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM.

For any further information regarding this request for proposal, or for an opportunity to review the existing town property cards or assessing schedule, please contact Daniel Swain, Town Administrator, at 207-737-4335 during open office hours.

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