Tax Collector, Town of Sweden

General Description:

This is manual labor in the operation of light trucks and motorized equipment used for road construction and repair, and in the snow and ice removal operations of the Public Works Department as well as general labor for custodial, grounds keeping and building maintenance.  An employee of this class may be required to work in all weather conditions and times of day including nights, holidays, and weekends as necessary depending upon weather conditions and workload.

An employee of this class is able to handle and operate all trucks, equipment, tools and attachments and carry out assignments with relative ease. Employees participate in loading and unloading work. Duties include the performance of manual labor tasks in connection with the operation of trucks or during completion of seasonal work projects. Work may vary from custodial to performing vehicle maintenance and repair to grounds keeping. Work instructions may be received in detail for each job to be performed or may follow an established routine. Work is subject to check while in progress and upon completion by the Public Works Foreman.  Employees of this class report to the Public Works Foreman.    


Specific Tasks:

1. Operate trucks, sanders and plowing apparatus in the plowing, sanding and snow removal of town streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and ramps.

2. Operate light to moderately heavy trucks transporting dirt, gravel, wood and construction materials; assists in loading and unloading of trucks.

3. Operate heavier equipment such as front-end loaders and graders on an as-needed basis.

4. Assists in general repair and preventive maintenance on all town-owned vehicles and equipment.

5. Performs varied maintenance work including replacing and installing culverts, patching, and building roads and other general construction duties.

6. Pick up debris such as blow downs, straightens and install signs and posts; pick up, cut down and/or remove leaves, brush and other trash.

7. Assists in general maintenance of all town buildings.

8. Performs work consistent with grounds keeping and mowing of all town owned property and cemeteries.

9. Assists in the operation of the recycling program.

10. Performs related work as may be required and as directed by the PW Foreman.


Work experience requirements:

  • Must have at least two year experience in a related field.
  • Must possess a valid Class B Driver License or able to obtain within 6 months.

Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED

Must successfully complete a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening and background check prior to employment.   (5/23/22)         

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