Request for Proposals - Ad Hoc Housing Diversity Study Committee Consultant - Town of Cape Elizabeth

(Issued June 15, 2022; due June 30, 2022)

The Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine (pop. 9,534),, located within the Greater Portland Maine metropolitan area, seeks a professional consultant to provide staff support to the Ad Hoc Housing Diversity Study Committee.

Description of work

The Town of Cape Elizabeth is creating an Ad Hoc Housing Diversity Study Committee with a charge to further research housing needs and issues as perceived by residents of Cape Elizabeth.

Scope of Work

The Town is requesting a proposal based on the following Tasks:

1.    Provision of staff support for committee meetings, including preparation of agendas and supporting meeting materials as approved by the committee chair, attendance at meetings and preparation of meeting minutes to be reviewed and approved by the committee. The committee shall have a duration of 12 months, so the proposal should be based on 14 meetings, plus an estimated cost for additional meetings. Committee meeting materials shall be provided to town staff a week before the meeting for posting to the town website. Consultant shall provide ongoing advice to the committee regarding compliance with the Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) requirements.

2.    Support the committee’s development and implementation of a public participation plan. (Elements of the plan may require authorization of additional funding by the Town Council.)

3.    Preparation of status reports and a final report to be reviewed, revised and approved by the committee.

4.    The consultant may assist the committee in obtaining expert speakers to provide specialized information.

5.    Attendance at one Town Council meeting to support the committee when the final report will be presented.

Proposal contents: The proposal shall include:

1.    The proposer shall lay out a workplan responding to the scope of work.
2.    The principal doing the work, as well as any partnering firms or entities, should be identified, with contact information, and their qualifications provided. Three references shall be provided.
3.    The proposer shall indicate that they have sufficient time to dedicate as Housing Diversity Study Committee staff.
4.    The proposer shall provide examples of similar completed work (links are preferred).
5.    Cost to perform the project.
6.    The proposer shall indicate potential costs if staff support is needed for additional meetings.


$ 45,000 will be made available for this project, and may be adjusted at the discretion of the Cape Elizabeth Town Council.

Evaluation of Proposals: The Town of Cape Elizabeth Ordinance Committee will review proposals and selected proposers may be asked to schedule an interview. In evaluating the proposals, the following may be considered:

1.    The quality of the proposal in responding to the scope of work.
2.    The ability, capacity, and skill of the bidder to perform the contract,
3.    Whether the bidder can perform the contract promptly, without delay or interference;
4.    The quality of performance of previous contracts or services;
5.    The number and scope of conditions attached to the proposal;
6.    In the event of proposals of equal quality and service, preference may be given to a local vendor.
7.    Assuming notification of a successful proposal by August 9, 2022, when will work commence.

Proposal submission deadline: June 30, 2022
Submission: One digital copy and one paper copy of the proposal shall be submitted to:

Maureen O’Meara, Town Planner
320 Ocean House Rd
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107 207-799-0115


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