Town of Sabattus seeking 2022-2023 Winter Sand Bids


2022-2023 Winter Season

Request for Winter Sand Bids


Notice to Bidders


The Town of Sabattus, Maine is requesting sealed bids to provide winter sand in compliance with the attached specifications, terms, and conditions to the Town of Sabattus.  Prospective bidders are advised to read this information carefully prior to submitting a bid.


The “2022-2023 Winter Sand Bid Form” must be mailed or hand delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Winter Sand Bid” and received on or before Monday, July 25, 2022 at 12:00pm (Noon) at the following address:


Town of Sabattus

“Winter Sand Bid”

                                Attn. Dr. Timothy Kane, Town Manager

190 Middle Road

                                              Sabattus, Maine 04280



Bid packages will be opened publicly in the Town Manager’s office at 12:05pm on Friday, 7/29/2022 and read aloud. Upon determination by the Town Manager and Assistant Road Foreman, the lowest qualified bid will be presented to the Board of Selectmen on the evening of Tuesday, 8/7/2022, for approval consideration at their regularly scheduled meeting (beginning at 6:30pm).




** Sand must be available for delivery or pick up beginning Monday, 10/03/2022 **




General Requirements

The Town of Sabattus is seeking per-yard bids for the purchase of 2,500 yards of winter sand. The Town is requesting two (2) bid prices:

  1. Price per yard if the Sabattus Public Works (SPW) crew picks sand up at the bidder’s facility and the Town crew hauls the sand back to its own facility; and
  2. Price per yard if the bidder delivers the sand to the Town of Sabattus sand storage facility.


Specific Requirements

All proposals will be required to meet or exceed all of the conditions, standards, and requirements contained below:

  • Winter sand gradation requirements: (100% passing 3/8” – 80 to 100% passing # 4 – 0 to 35% passing # 50 – 0 to 5% passing # 200)
  • Sand must be free of any foreign materials such as; Sod, sticks, roots, etc. Successful contractor will supply a gradation sample prior to product acceptance.
  • These conditions, standards, and quality of the sand MUST BE CONSISTENTLY MAINTAINED throughout the entire delivery process. If not rectified, the contract will be terminated and the Town will seek an alternative supplier.


Selection Process

The Town Manager and Road Foreman will review and choose the vendor that most closely suits the needs of the Town. The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals at its sole discretion. Proposals will be judged in the selection process relative to their performance in the following areas:

  1. Conformance with ALL submission requirements;
  2. Respondent’s ability to supply the material as described;
  3. Distance to be hauled if the Town were to pick up on site;
  4. Reference checks and previous history with the Town;
  5. Overall cost; and
  6. Availability for pick up or delivery beginning Monday, October 3, 2022


2022-2023 Winter Sand Bid Form


Company Name: _____________________________________________________________________


Primary Contact Name (Please Print) _____________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


City: _________________________________________________ Zip Code: _____________________


E-mail: _______________________________________________Phone: ________________________


I agree to offer the materials requested as specified at the price stated below, under the terms stated, and in strict accordance with all the requirements contained in the Request for Winter Sand Bids which has been read and understood, and all of which is made part of this proposal.


Bid Prices (Be sure to fill out both options, if applicable)


  1. $_____________ per yard for 2,500 yds processed and loaded into Town of Sabattus Trucks in the pit located at __________________________________________________________________



  1. $_____________ per yard for 2,500 yds processed and delivered to Sabattus Public Works sand storage facility.


* The Town reserves the right to choose whether to have the sand delivered by the contractor, or for the Sabattus Public Works (SPW) crew to haul the sand, based upon overall total cost and SPW crew workload.


In compliance with the above Notice to Bidders the undersigned declares that:

1.   The only person(s) interested in the bids as set forth herein as principal(s) is/are named and no other person(s) not mentioned herein have/has any interest in this bid or contract. This bid is made without connection to any other person(s), companies, or parties submitting a bid. This bid is in all respects fair and in good faith, without collusion or fraud.

2.   The names and addresses of all persons interested in this bid as principals are as follows:

  1. _________________________________________________;
  2. _________________________________________________;
  3. _________________________________________________.


By: (Signature) __________________________________  Date: _______________________________


_______________________________________________  Title: _______________________________
(Print Name)

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