Code Enforcement Officer

The Town of Hudson is looking for individuals who are results-oriented, possess great attitudes, demonstrate creativity and innovation, work efficiently, show a record of success, and have a passion for public service. The candidate must be capable of working within a team environment as well as individually.

This position is responsible for documenting and investigating complaints pertaining to zoning code violations, reviewing construction plans, monitoring the progress of projects through an inspection program, ensuring compliance with relevant codes and statutes, answering questions from the public regarding town ordinances and adopted codes, and reviewing permit applications including but not limited to short-term rental, land use, building, internal plumbing, signs, and subsurface wastewater disposal.

Applicants should have knowledge and experience with construction practices and a willingness to stay current about changes in the field. This position requires knowledge of the Maine State Plumbing Code, the MUBEC, the State of Maine Shoreland Zoning, and Hudson’s Land Use Ordinance. State of Maine Code Enforcement.

The Town of Hudson is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive compensation commensurate with skills and experience.

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