Bridgton Open Space Plan RFP

The Town of Bridgton is soliciting sealed bid proposals from qualified consultants to provide planning services in support of developing an open space plan. The scope of the project is to draft a plan that will act as a guide to town leadership by identifying high priority open space areas using public input and community engagement. The plan should include stewardship guidance for existing open space lands, identification of opportunities to expand connectivity between open space assets and neighborhoods, as well as outlining programs, ordinances, and partners that could be instrumental in securing the future of the identified high priority areas. The plan will satisfy goals listed Chapter 12 of the Town of Bridgton 2014 Comprehensive Plan including Strategy 6-1-1-7-1: “Encourage cooperation among organizations and landowners to establish an open space protection program, including woodlands and farm fields.”

The full RFP and sample contract can be found on the community development page of the Town of Bridgton website. Visit or email more information.

This project is funded by the Governer's Office of Policy, Innovation, and the Future Community Resilience Partnership. 



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