RFP - Municipal Facility Needs Assessment and Conceptual Design Study

The Town of Winslow is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services to assist in design for a new Municipal Facility. This space shall house the administrative offices, the Winslow Police Department, and the Winslow Fire Department. This work shall include a site location assessment, a spatial needs assessment and recommended conceptual design of a new facility together with detailed preliminary cost estimates for all designs and recommendations.

Accordingly, the Town seeks statements of interest and qualifications as well as a cost proposal from consultants with the appropriate experience and qualifications to evaluate and make recommendations based upon comprehensive local data analysis, department need, key stakeholder engagement and modern fire and police service standards.

The Town Administrative Office consists of ten full-time staff including the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Code Enforcement, Assessor, Finance/HR, three front-facing customer service staff and two other support staff. The Town Office also contains the Winslow Council Chambers which accommodates approximately fifty persons for public meetings. The Town Office was built in 1965 and has spatial and efficiency difficulties due to its design. Security is a major concern primarily in terms of physical security for staff, but also for document storage.

The Winslow Fire Department is comprised of one (1) full-time Fire Chief, one (1) full-time Deputy Fire Chief/EMS Supervisor, three (3) full-time Fire/EMS Captains, three (3) full-time Fire/EMS Lieutenants, nine (9) full-time Firefighter/AEMTs and one (1) full-time Administrative Assistant. In addition, the department has multiple Per Diem employees, and approximately eight (8) paid on-call fire and EMS personnel. The facility currently houses one (1) ladder truck, one (1) fire engine, one (1) tanker truck, one (1) rescue vehicle (heavy-duty pickup), and two (2) fully equipped advanced life-support ambulances. In addition, the Department owns a fire-safety trailer and a watercraft which must be stored off-site due to lack of space. The current fire rescue station is attached to the Town Office, but there is no internal access between the buildings. It was constructed at the same time as the rest of the facility during a period when fire apparatus were much smaller and the need for clearance from the street was less.

The Winslow Police Department consists of one (1) full-time Police Chief, one (1) full-time Police Lieutenant, two (2) full-time Police Sergeants, one (1) full-time Police Detective, one (1) full-time School Resource Officer, six (6) full-time Patrol Officers and one (1) full-time Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant. The Department has eight (8) patrol vehicles which would ideally be housed under cover, as well as a traffic trailer. The facility is partially housed in the lower level of the current Town Office built in 1965. An addition was built in 2013 at a cost of just over $1 million. The full facility includes office space for four individual staff, a secured front reception area, a booking room, a sally port, an interview room, and a patrol room. It also includes document storage, locker rooms, a kitchen and a meeting room.

Conceptually the Town would like to keep Fire and Police in separate, with shared living space which will accommodate a kitchen/dining area, locker rooms, laundry and dormitory space. Separate male and female facilities are required. Administrative facilities and a Town Council Chamber would occupy a central location as well. All three sections (Police, Fire and Administration) need secured front-facing public areas with public access beyond a front reception area being restricted. Parking must be adequate to accommodate up to 30 employee vehicles and 100 visitor vehicles at any given time, with ample room for emergency vehicles to come and go without causing safety issues.

The Town desires to keep future growth and expansion in mind. The needs above describe current conditions. Proposals should accommodate future needs, keeping trends in public safety staffing and municipal services in mind.

RFP submissions will be due on October 11, 2022 at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. A pre- submission meeting will be held at 10:00 AM on September 27, 2022, at the Winslow Town Office at 114 Benton Avenue to answer questions and tour the facilities. Please click on the link below to access the full RFP document.

RFP - Town of Winslow Municipal Facility Needs Assessment and Conceptual Design

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