Town of Peru RFP for Revaluation

Town of Peru
The Town of Peru, Maine is undertaking a revaluation of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial properties. Proposals must be received by 5:00 pm on October 31, 2022. Firms interested in providing the revaluation services are invited to deliver or mail the proposals to:
Town of Peru- Assessing
Proposal for Revaluation Services Bid
Town of Peru Maine
26 Main Street
Peru, Maine 02490
Or P.O. Box 429
Peru, Maine 04290
It is the express intent that the revaluation project shall include but not be limited to:
• The just value of each parcel of the taxable and tax-exempt real estate with separately expressed land and building values as well as total property values.
• The scope of the project to include full measures and list plus photos.
Pertinent Town Data:
-The last revaluation was completed in 1999
-The estimated population as of the 2020 census is 1,488
- the total area within the Town’s corporate boundaries is 47+/- square miles
• 46.68 square miles of land
• 0.92 square miles of water
-Total number of parcels: 1,439
-Total valuation including tax exempt: 123,928,243
-Number of personal property accounts: 45
-Valuation of personal property: 1,052,846
The individual or firm responding to this solicitation must address the following items in their proposal:
• A detailed description of the process proposed to be undertaken to complete the property revaluation. Such description shall identify the key components, with the level of effort to be performed at each step.
Town of Peru
• A list of municipalities for which the individual or firm has completed a property revaluation as either a stand-alone project or as part of a full town/city-wide revaluation program
• Each individual or firm providing revaluation services must provide evidence that they employ at least one certified Maine assessor as described in 36 M.R.S.A SS 310 and 311.
• Samples of grading and pricing schedules, including land pricing formulas, necessary for revaluations, and a reasonable explanation of the proper usage of the grading and pricing schedules.
• An individual or firm engaged in performing a municipal revaluation in Maine must file a copy of the current grading and pricing schedules used with the state tax assessor. In addition, an individual or firm must file and maintain with the State Tax Assessor a resume that includes the number of people regularly employed by the firm, their qualifications, and a list of the municipalities where the firm has been employed within the five previous years.
• Upon completion of the total property revaluation, the individual or firm must present the Town of Peru with a complete set of property cards that detail the construction of each building.
• At the completion of the revaluation the selected individual or firm will make themselves available to meet with taxpayers to review the new valuations.
• Failure on the part of the chosen individual or firm to complete all work on or before the agreed upon date shall be cause for payment of liquidated damages by the chosen individual or firm to the Town of Peru at the rate of $100 per working day. Any Liquidated damages may be deducted from the contract sum owed to company.
• All contractors must be experienced working with Appraisal TRIO software
• Proposals will include a list of staff that will serve the Town of Peru during the revaluation process.
• Proposals will include all costs associated with scope of work including anticipated time needed for the meetings with taxpayers to review new valuations. Proposals should also include a daily rate for additional taxpayer meetings if needed.
• Proposals will include a proposed timeframe for start and completion of the revaluation. Revaluation not to be started before July 1, 2023
The chosen individual or firm shall carry and maintain in force
• Workers’ Compensation insurance, General Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance including vehicle coverage and professional liability insurance with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 per aggregate. The Town shall be named as an additional insured on the liability policy.
• The contractor shall carry valuable papers insurance and any and all records applicable to the project against the loss or destruction of such record in an amount of not less than the contract price.
• To the extent permitted by law, all such insurance provide by the chosen individual or firm shall be carried in favor of the Town of Peru and its officers, employees, and agents, as well as in favor of the individual or firm.
Town of Peru
• Copies of all certificates of insurance showing policies covering insurance required for this revaluation project shall be filed with the Town of Peru and approved by the Town of Peru prior to the commencement of any work on the revaluation project.
Items supplied by the Town:
The Town of Peru will provide the following to the chosen individual or firm to aid in the revaluation project:
• All available building permit information
• All available zoning information
• All available ownership information
• All available land classification information related to current use classification
• All available sales data
• Land dimensions and total acreages or estimates of same on all parcels or access to deeds for same
• Assistance during the informal reviews to resolve discrepancies due to land size, boundaries, etc.
• One set of full-size tax maps and one set of reduced size tax maps
• Office space for use by the chosen individual or firm’s staff working on the revaluation project
• Office space for the conduct of the informal hearings
Individuals will be scored using the following criteria
1. Experience providing residential, commercial, and industrial revaluation services in Maine.
2. Experience working with Appraisal TRIO software
3. Price
Bids will be opened by the Board of Selectman on October 31, 2022, at 6:00pm.
The Town of Peru reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids submitted.

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