Paris Police Administrative Officer


The Administrative Officer (AO) for the Paris Police Department is a sworn law enforcement officer (LEO) who is expected to serve as a resource for all affiliates of the department and members of the public. The AO will encourage an atmosphere of “open communication” with all persons in an attempt to assist, inform, and reduce inaccuracies that might take place involving a law enforcement issue, and/or social issues related to law enforcement.  The AO will act as a call-taker receiving citizen complaints, taking immediate actions on those complaints, or assigning them accordingly to patrol, a School Resource Officer (SRO), or Detective (DET) as needed. 


The AO for the Paris Police Department will serve as an administrative assistant,  problem solver, mentor, community resource officer, community educator, and neighborhood liaison and report directly to the Chief of Police or their designee. The AO is a highly visible and effective point of contact between the police department and the community. The AO is responsible for establishing a problem-solving process by which the police department responds to community concerns and furthers Paris Police Department’s community policing efforts department wide. The AO will facilitate communication between the community and the police department and help identify and direct non-departmental resources to the community, such as Community Concepts, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), food banks, shelters, and / or mental health service locations to address mainly non-criminal quality of life issues.



The work involves receiving and documenting information regarding community problems and informing designated personnel of those problems for possible action. The AO will also coordinate the response to community problems with other parts of the department, outside agencies, town departments and community members. The AO will be responsible for maintaining and promoting a continuous liaison with members of community, community organizations, area social service providers, and representatives of other government organizations to assist the department in its public safety mission. The AO may be asked to speak to community groups while coordinating educational programs and visits from members of the community, which may include citizen police academies.


Additionally, the AO will serve as the department’s administrative assistant while being responsible for the handling of walk-in complaints from community members, assignment of more complex incidents to patrol officers or to the detective, and will be first point of contact for Department of Health and Human Services related matters, the District Attorney’s Office, and other direct shareholders.  The position will be responsible for body camera downloads and video archiving and disposition along with evidence processing within the department.  In addition to working closely with the Chief of Police, the AO will also work closely with the Detective and may assist the latter with follow up interviews, data entry, and like duties. Other duties not specifically listed may also be assigned as needed. 



This is a hybrid position in which the duties of a patrol officer and administrative assistant are intertwined.  Although not every required work duty can be outlined, examples of this position’s duties and responsibilities are:

 Organize all case reports for distribution to the correct prosecuting offices such as District Attorney.

 May be responsible for uploading reports to a designated site such as ShareFile along with statements, photographs, videos, or any other material subject to rules of discovery.

 Maintain high confidentiality at all times due to sensitive information within the department.

 Assist with drafting the department policy updates throughout the year.

 Assist with invoices, reports, memos, letters, financial statements and other document, using spreadsheet, database, or presentation software.

 Monitors mandatory deadlines for various State and Federal reporting requirements. 

 Maintains large amount of administrative correspondence in a retrievable format.

 Receives incoming telephone calls and visitors and, when necessary, refers callers to other Town departments or employees for assistance.

 May distribute mail and other correspondences.

 Serves as representative of the Town in contact with other employees, officials, and the general public, and in scheduling appointments when instructed.

 Types correspondence and other documents and reports.

 Exercise authority consistent with the obligations imposed by the oath of office and be accountable to superior officers and promptly obey all legitimate orders.

 Coordinate efforts with those of other members of the Department so that teamwork may ensure continuity of purpose and maximum achievement of police objectives.

 Communicate to superiors and to fellow officers all available information that may be pertinent to the achievement of police objectives.

 Respond punctually to all assignments.

 Acquire and record information concerning events that have taken place since the last tour of duty.

 Record activity during tour of duty in the manner prescribed by proper authority.

 Maintain weapons and equipment in a functional, presentable condition.

 Assist all citizens in a polite and courteous manner.

 Be accountable for securing, receipting, and proper disposition of all evidence and property.

 Answer questions asked by the general public, counsel juveniles and adults when necessary and refer them to persons or agencies where they can obtain further assistance.

 Serve or deliver warrants, summonses, subpoenas, and other official papers in an accurate and expedient manner.

 Confer with court prosecutors and testify in court when needed.

 Accomplish other related general duties as they are assigned or as they may become necessary.

 Maintains records and files as directed by the Chief of Police.

 May receive and dispatch using radio.  May use County regional email/message and records system as assigned. 

 Regular attendance at work and arrives on time.

 Fingerprinting of citizens for employment or for criminal justice reasons.

 Registration of sex offenders as required.

 Ability to get along with other employees and the public.



This will be a 42-hour per week assignment.  The AO’s typical hours will be Monday 8a.m – 4 p.m. and Tuesday – Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Slight variations to these hours may be required in order to facilitate the needs of the agency.  The position will fall under “Patrolman” as related to pay and the union agreement with the town. 



 Valid Maine Motor Vehicle Operator’s License

 Requires a Notary Public Commission or ability to obtain such designation within 6 months 

 Certification as a Maine Law Enforcement Officer 

 Considerable knowledge of applicable State laws, Town ordinances, and departmental policies and procedures.

 Considerable knowledge of investigation techniques, to include, interviewing and interrogation of suspects, witnesses and complainants.  Taking confessions and statements.  Preservation of crime scenes.  Identifying, securing and preserving evidence.  Court preparation and testimony.

 Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with superiors, coworkers, municipal employees, and other Federal, State and County authorities.

 Ability to deal and converse with all types of people and establish a positive impression to the public through good police/community relations.

 Be in good physical and psychological condition.

 Be proficient in the use and proper care of departmentally owned and/or approved firearms.

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