Contract Assessors Agent- Town of Fryeburg


Town of Fryeburg Request for Proposal for Contract Assessing Agent


The Town of Fryeburg is accepting proposals from qualified individuals or companies to serve as the role of a contract Assessor’s Agent for the Town of Fryeburg.  Work shall be performed as an independent contractor.


The contractor is responsible for determining the valuation of all exempt and taxable, real and personal property, within the municipality, preparing official documents for the State and for the local tax collector and treasurer, ensuring the accuracy and validity of the assessment records in order to produce the annual property tax commitment, and maintaining accurate tax maps and ownership records for the assessment of both real and personal property on behalf of the Selectmen/Assessors. The contractor is required to exercise considerable independent judgment in administering the assessment program within general policy guidelines and applicable state laws and regulations.


The Town has approximately 2,675 real estate parcels and 190 personal property accounts.  The Town utilizes Vision CAMA software for producing and maintaining assessments and uses TRIO software for tax collection and billing. CAI Technologies updates Town Tax Maps upon receipt of identified property splits/map revisions.


Interested parties shall submit a proposal that includes the following scope of services:


  • Dedication of 16 hours of per month in the Town Office for meetings with tax payers and to perform any other necessary in-person assessing functions.  Additional days at the Town Office may be required to perform all necessary assessing functions in a timely manner.  Work that does not require a physical presence at the Town Office may be performed remotely.
  • Update, verify and maintain the accuracy and currency of all Town assessment valuations and records, including but not limited to property record cards, tax maps (advise only), new construction, reconstruction, demolitions, land transfers and similar as have occurred within the Town since April 1st of each year, and which have not previously been accurately or completely assessed and recorded.
  • Validate exemption applications and transfer for entry by Town staff. 
  • Approve current use applications and changes. 
  • Complete the annual Municipal Valuation Return in cooperation with the Town Manager. 
  • Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis the Town’s assessment policies and activities, the Town's adherence to required or recommended assessment ratios, the Town's compliance with applicable Maine statutes and applicable regulations, and to advise the Town of any lack of compliance therewith, and recommend necessary remedial action(s). 
  • Prepare for the Board of Assessors' review and approval all correspondence with the State Bureau of Taxation, including but not limited to state valuation returns, reviews of sales samples to exclude non arm's length transactions, correspondence regarding state valuation, and similar. 
  • Defend any municipal assessment resulting from contractor's services before the Oxford County Commissioners, State Board of Property Tax Review or any court and to appeal the Town's state valuation when directed by the Board of Assessors; cost of such services will, at the Town's option, be paid either through a separate charge therefore (pursuant to a written estimate delivered prior to undertaking such defense activities) or by an adjustment to or rescheduling of contractor's regular work schedule set out below, or a combination thereof; 
  • Attend Select Board (Board of Assessors) meetings on an as-needed basis to review assessment activities and issues, on a preventative and proactive basis, whenever in contractor's professional judgment such a meeting would be helpful to the Town. 
  • Assist the Town Manager as necessary in designing and executing any training of members of the Town's administrative staff in the areas of data collection, recording, transfer, and maintenance; 
  • Contractor will perform all such services in accordance with the standards of care applying to Certified Maine Assessors and applicable regulations and standards promulgated or adopted by the Bureau of Taxation/Maine Revenue Services, and applicable requirements of law, and will maintain contractor's current level of licensure and certification;


The Town will be responsible for:


  • Providing contractor with suitable workspace at the Town Office and make Town Office equipment and records available. 
  • Providing staff support (Office Clerk/Assistant to Assessor Agent) to manage deeds, file records, complete exemption data entry, and distribution of any needed mailers as requested by the contractor. 
  • Providing computer equipment and software to carry out the assessing function, including remote access. 


Additional requirements/information:


  • The term of contract shall be 3 years commencing July 1, 2023 and concluding on June 30, 2026. 
  • Interested parties shall provide proof of Comprehensive Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Interested parties shall provide details about qualification of the company and/or individuals that may be assigned to complete assessing work for the Town.  Please submit a client list of municipalities to which you have rendered services during the last 3 years.


Deadline for RFP submittal is February 24th at 10:00 am.


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