Town of Lyman - Local Health Officer, part time

The Town of Lyman is currently seeking a part-time Local Health Officer. 

Primary job roles include
  Being an overall health resource to the community
  Liaison for Public Health Threats
  Mediator and enforcer of complaints that cannot be resolved.
  Reports to the Select Board on community public health status
  Reports to ME CDC and DHHS on any perceived public health threats
  Maintain record of all proceedings, transactions, ordinances, orders and rules acted by the Local Health Officer. 

Duties are conducted on an as-needed basis when issues may arise. A background in healthcare is preferred, but not required. This position works in correlation with the Code Enforcement Department, Local Fire Chief and Animal Control Officer. We offer an annual stipend of $452.00 plus mileage reimbursement. 

If interested, please submit your applicaiton to:

Please contact the Select Board Clerk if you have any questions
by phone: (207)-247-0642   or    email:

For more information, please visit our website at

For more information on the Local Health Officer job duties, click here. 

To download our applicaiton, click here. 

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