City of Gardiner-Telephone System RFP


The intent of the project under this request for proposals is to connect all four (4) current locations Gardiner City Hall, Gardiner Public Library, Gardiner Wastewater Treatment Plant and Gardiner Public Works Garage) plus any future locations in order to send calls and receive and/or transfer calls to/from any location in the system to any other location in the system.  The City of Gardiner has a current circuit speed of 500M but will continue upgrading this as technology demands.

Request for Proposals.

The City of Gardiner, Maine ( the “City“ ) requests proposals from qualified vendors to provide a new Cloud based unified telephone and voice mail system at its City buildings located in Gardiner, Maine.  This request for proposals (the “RFP”) explains in detail what equipment and services will be required of those vendors proposing to provide such a system, as well as:

  1. Technical specifications, capabilities and features the City seeks in a new telephone and voice mail system.
  2. Forms to provide information about the vendor and equipment proposed.


The City intends to update and replace its existing Mitel telephone phone systems and features.  This VoIP system was installed in 2012 and the City would like to upgrade this system to a Cloud based VoIP system.


  • The City requires enough phone stations to accommodate the current staff.  All stations should have a software interface allowing access to a managed group of lines.  Additionally, it should be noted that we have two 24 - hour facilities that will require the ability to always answer phones.  The City currently has approximately 45 phone lines that are utilized with the current system.  It paid for twenty-six INTL5000 IP Endpoint D licenses and twenty 5000 SIP Trunk licenses.

Current Programmable Features.

  • Dual Mode operation for use with Mitel IP or SIP protocols;
  • Advanced Options including: HTML programming, Multiple Language Support, Dynamic Extension;
  • Softkey Functionality for easy feature activation;
  • Personal Speed Dial bin;
  • Programmable one-touch keys for often used features (i.e. DND, Call Record, Speed Dial);
  • Direct Station Select (DSS) and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) capability;
  • Remote IP teleworker;
  • Hot Desking for all users;
  • Distinctive Ringing for various users;
  • Mobile integration to Smartphone technology;
  • Secure voice encryption and wideband audio support;
  • PC Companion Application for easy user programming and key labeling;
  • 802.3af power compliant (IEEE standard);
  • Design for power conservation: 3.2 watts typical (idle) power consumption;
  • Supports IEEE 802.1p/q for voice quality of service;
  • Call Forward according to user preference;
  • Program Call Park with Call Pickup key;
  • Utilize Live Answering form a reception position with Automated Attendant in background;
  • Connection of up to (4) analog devices (i.e. faxes, modems, credit card machines, TTY, analog sets, and cordless phones);
  • Automated Attendant to front end or act as backup to reception;
  • Program of initial Speed Dial list;
  • Enable Music-on-Hold;
  • Program Day/Night Class of Service;
  • Set E911 compliance with local provider and PSAP;
  • Map Station Hunting or Delay Ring according to preference;
  • Set internal page groups; and
  • Configure customer-provided Music/Message on Hold device for continuous play to callers placed on hold or transfers.

Required additional programming.

Please note some of this is redundant.  Please also specify other possible functions not itemized in this RFP.

  • Easily expandable with unified functionality across multiple sites
  • Direct dial numbers
  • Line Recording and Logging
  • Configurable day and night settings
  • Directory
  • Park a call for later pickup by another extension
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • Custom hold music/information
  • Paging
  • Caller ID
  • Able to keep existing numbers
  • Administrative Control
  • “Other line “status monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Ability to answer a call directed to another extension in system or call group
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • Emailed Voicemail
  • Desktop interface
  • Internet Faxing
  • Multi-way calling (conference calling)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Hands free headset option
  • Any additional costs for Hands free sets
  • Hearing impaired and/or Bluetooth compatible solution

Voice Mail/Messaging Requirements.

During normal working hours, each department needs the ability to answer the phones.  However, if a line is not answered within a pre-programmed length of time, there should be the ability to roll the call over to another extension.  If no one answers at that time, a voice mail system that will answer with an appropriate, variable message from the department or office is desired.  It should be noted that not all departments work the same schedule.  During non-working hours, the voice mail system would answer immediately with a message from the department that was called.

Notification of messages should be indicated by LED or other visual means on telephone sets.

Future requirements are the ability to provide fax back services, notifications of e-mail messages, and menu-driven message interface.

Services to be provided.

Vendors are required to provide complete installation of hardware, accessories, options, other equipment, applicable software, and/or other items necessary to deliver a complete, functioning telephone and voice mail system.

Vendors are also required to provide initial user training, system administration training, and unlimited, toll-free system technical support for a minimum of ninety (90) days following the certification of completion of work by the City.

All cost related to the provision of these services must be included in the vendor’s proposal and itemized on the bid form provided as part of the RFP package.

Plan for Providing Services.

Vendors are required to explain their plan and approach to providing the hardware and services, as well as a statement of how the work would be organized, managed, and implemented.  Explain the estimated time requirements that will be met with little or no disruption to the City’s ability to provide services to our citizens.

Cost and Fees:

Equipment Costs/Fees Proposal. Vendors are required to identify the itemized and total cost and fees proposed with connection with the purchase and installation of the equipment outlines herein, plus any other hardware, accessories, options, other equipment, software, and/or other items necessary to deliver a complete, functioning telephone and voice mail system.  Hardware costs should be quoted in terms of outright purchase price, and, if so determined, financing options up to and including 5 years

Services Cost/Fee Proposal. Vendors are required to list all fees, charges, and/or expenses, which are not included in the equipment Costs/Fees Proposal.  This may also include a dedicated Internet circuit for the system.

Maintenance/Support Costs/Fees. Vendors are required to provide a proposal for a fixed cost/fee maintenance and support agreement for the equipment proposed, including term, annual or term cost, coverage and scope of services provided under the agreement.  

Corporate Information. The following general information about the vendor is required:

  • Name, Address, Place of Incorporation (if applicable), and years of experience.  Provide your vendor’s name and business address, date and state of incorporation (if Applicable), years in the business and years of the vendor’s experience. List the locations (including street addresses) of all offices and explain how the location of the vendor’s office(s) would affect the responsibilities and responsiveness to the City’s needs.
  • Qualifications and References. Describe briefly the vendor’s qualifications and experience which demonstrates its capability to provide equipment and services outlined in the RFP.  Include a list of three references who may be contacted regarding vendor’s abilities, integrity, and professional reputation.  Provide lead contact information including contact’s phone number, and the make and model of the phone system.

Selection Process.


Each properly submitted and timely received proposal will be given equal consideration per the City’s Purchase Policy.  To ensure full consideration, vendors must comply carefully with the instructions given on required preparation and submission procedures, Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated against criteria set out herein.  Product demonstration may also be requested.  Upon selection, the successful vendor will be notified and will be expected to sign a contract for the product and services included in the proposal and/or as may be further negotiated with the City.

Preparation and Submission of Proposals:

Proposals are to be submitted in sealed envelopes identifying the vendor and labeled “Telephone System Proposal.” It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to ensure that a proposal is physically delivered to the City Manager’s Office prior to the time and date specified. Late Proposals will not be accepted and will be rejected unopened.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any and all informalities, and to make award that, in its sole judgement, will best meet the objectives stated in the RFP or otherwise be in the best interests of the City.  Consistent with its policies, the intent will be to identify and select the proposal most advantageous to the City.

Any questions or requests for clarification on this RFP should be directed, in written form or in an email, at least 5 business days prior to opening date, to Andrew Carlton, City Manager, 6 Church Street, Gardiner, Maine, 04345.  Inquiries or requests may be sent be e-mail (the preferred option) to

The cost related to the preparation, submission and presentation of a proposal is to be borne entirely by the vendor.

Any site visits required will need to be scheduled.

The selected vendor shall obtain and maintain public liability in amounts of not less than $400.000 (four hundred thousand dollars), combined single limit to bodily injury, death and property damage and naming the City as an additional insured there-on.  They will also provide the City with a copy of their workers compensation insurance (if applicable) and a required W-9.

Required Form of Proposal

Information must be provided in the following order:

  • The Cover Sheet (or facsimile thereof, as provided as the final page to the document), completed and signed
  • Equipment Cost/Fee Proposal
  • Itemized Equipment List.
  • Service Cost/Fee Proposal.
  • Maintenance/Support Costs/Fees.

Each response must be page numbered and labeled to correspond with the item being answered.

Promotional addenda may be included.

The proposal, except for the promotional addenda, must be presented as one document.

Three (3) hard copies of the proposal must be submitted and each envelope must be identified with a label reading as follows:

Andrew Carlton

VoIP Phone Replacement to Cloud VoIP

6 Church Street

Gardiner, Maine 04345

Time of Submission or Proposal:  Proposals must be received at the above address no later than April 3, 2023.

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