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April 11, 2023



Lincoln County is seeking a licensed engineer or architect to prepare a site and structural assessment of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office building, situated 42 Bath Road (Route 1), Wiscasset, ME. Such assessment will include a detailed description and cost estimate of what will be required to retrofit the building to meet current building, energy, and accessibility code requirements; an assessment of the site conditions to determine if soil and site conditions are favorable for such renovations; and an assessment, including cost estimate, of whether it would be more economical to construct a new facility on a different property.


The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is located in Wiscasset, Maine (the County seat) and serves nineteen (19) rural coastal and inland communities in midcoast Maine. The building was erected in 1950 as a filling station. In 1985, the County renovated the building, creating Lincoln County Jail and Sheriff's Office. In 2006, the jail was relocated to another property, leaving the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department operation in the building. Approximately, 45 staff members and tenants work in the Sheriffs office. The building is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The existing building is in need of significant structural repairs. The roof leaks, the hallways narrow as you walk through them, flooring is bowed and warped, the former jail cells and bathrooms will require removal, floor joist have begun to fail causing "bouncing floor" and the HVAC system is outdated. Additionally, the building is sinking as evidenced by foundation issues, along with substantial cracking in the building facade and site retaining walls. Some windows are unable to open while others cannot be securely closed, and many office doors are unable to open fully. The building suffered fire damage in its early years, which is still visible above current false ceilings in the patrol room, and has recently developed significant air quality issue due to mold, and water damage from seepage causing a section of the "jail" to be closed up and no longer used.


The successful applicant will work directly with the County Administration and the Lincoln County Sheriff to produce a comprehensive assessment, which will include but is not limited to:

  • Engineer's assessment of repairs needed (foundation repairs, roof replacement, warped floors, narrow hallways, floor joists, HVAC upgrades, for example).
  • Preliminary cost estimate of needed repairs.
  • Site assessment to determine if site and/or soil conditions are contributing to deterioration of the building and foundation. Such assessment may include having the property surveyed by a licensed surveyor and or soil tests.
  • Cost estimate for any site improvements needed to resolve site issues identified.
  • Determination of whether it would be more fiscally responsible for the County to build a new facility on a different property vs. renovating the existing building at its current location. Include a preliminary cost estimate for new construction on another site.

The selected engineer or architect and the County Administration will meet to review and finalize the full scope of work prior to executing a contract for services.


Lincoln County will be accepting proposals through 2:00PM on Friday, June 2nd 2023. Formal proposals should be sent electronically to Michelle Richardson, County Treasurer, at A pre-bid inspection of the Sheriff's Office will be held, Friday, April 28th at 2:00 PM. Those who are unable to attend this inspection can arrange another inspection time with Michelle prior to the RFP deadline.

Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee consisting of the Lincoln County Administration and representatives from the Sheriff's Office and will be based on:

  1. Qualifications & Experience with Structural and Site Assessments: Please submit the name(s) and qualifications of your project team. Applicant must be licensed in the State of Maine as an engineer or architect. Describe experience and qualifications in assessments of buildings to determine:
    1. What repairs are needed;
    2. What will be required to upgrade a building(s) to current code requirements, including accessibility, building and energy codes;
    3. Site assessment work performed to determine if soil and other site conditions are contributing to the current state of a structure and what would need to be done to a site to alleviate such issues;
    4. Experience with providing preliminary cost estimates for renovations, repairs, and/or new construction.


  1. Capacity to Accomplish Scope of Services: Please include a summary narrative and timeline on how the Scope will be accomplished.
  2. Feasible Budget: Please provide on one (1) page a list of delineated costs (time, materials, expenses, and travel) and anticipated timeframe to complete this project

FOR MORE INFORMATION, including two attachments (floor plan and wetlands report), contact Michelle Richardson or visit the Lincoln County website: Michelle Richardson, Lincoln County Treasurer, (207)882-6311.


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