Franklin County RFP for Ditching and Shoulder Work

The Franklin County Commissioners, 140 Main Street, Farmington, ME are requesting sealed bid proposals for a Ditching and Culvert replacement on the following roads in the Unorganized Territories of Franklin County.


Scope Of Work:

Shoulder/ Ditching Specifications:

  • Shoulder width will be maintained and repair any damage from water erosion.
  • Shoulders will be lower and graded at a slightly steeper cross slope to provide positive drainage to the ditch.
  • If possible, the all-in slopes will be no steeper than 2:1 and the back slopes will be no steeper than 1:1.
  • The depth of the ditch should be a minimum of 12" to 18" below the gravel base or follow the original ditch depth when constructed to maintain water flow to existing cross culverts and for water cutouts.
  • The width of the bottom of the ditch will be 18" wide between the front slope and back slope and v-ditch should be avoided.
  • No gravel of sod berm or windrow will be left in between the road and the ditch slope.
  • The county will give the contractor places for ditch spoils.
  • All culverts, geotextiles, and erosion control materials will be supplied by the County; however the contractor will pick up the material at County Way campus.
  • Avoid any inconveniences to residents without prior notice given to them.
  • The contractor will use proper warning signs in and around the work area and only close one lane at a time during construction.
  • All unstable ditches and slopes will be properly protected against erosion according to best management practices and the contractor must be certified in that practice. Any exposed soil shall be stabilized with hay mulch at the end of the workday.
  • All work will be performed under the direction of the Road Supervisor.
  • All culverts or obstructions contractor will mark before work begins.
  • The contractor will call Dig Safe before any work begins and provide the county with the dig safe permit number.
  • A machine must have a hydraulic ditching bucket and not be any larger than a 23-ton excavator and no smaller than an 18-ton Excavator.  The contractor shall avoid sharp turns on the hot top and avoid damage to the surface.


Madrid project specifications for Reed Mills Rd:

  • The ditch begins at Beech Hill Rd and goes north for 4,557 feet stopping at pole number 106.
  • Remove gravel under guardrails beginning at pole number 104 for 350 feet.
  • Begin ditching again at Wilson Pond Rd and go 5,365 feet more or to bridge number 3391.

East Madrid Rd. Specifications:

  • Ditching to start at pole number 5 and go 281 feet to pole number 16.
  • Install 1,447 yards of finish gravel 6 inches thick starting at bridge number 0383 Perham stream and going south 3,257 feet to pole number 7. Gravel is to be supplied by the contractor and shall meet DOT type E Specifications. (Attach the spec)

Cook Hill Project Specifications:

  • l. Ditch for 3918 feet.
  • 2. Cut 12 flagged trees from the ditch line and remove them from the job.
  • 3. Replace three culverts or reset if possible.
  • Haul 2,128 Yards of and install on road eight inches thick. Gravel is to be supplied by the contractor and shall meet DOT type E Specifications. (Attach the spec)

Freeman Ridge Project Specifications:

  • Install 2,031 yards of gravel six inches thick from starting at the marked stake to the end of the road. Gravel is to be supplied by the contractor and shall meet DOT type E Specifications. (Attach the spec)

All bids are due back and opened at the Commissioner’s Office by the UT Manager on June 6, 2023, at 12:00 pm, the Franklin County Commissioners will review the bids at their regularly scheduled meeting beginning at 3:15 PM. Franklin County reserves the right to reject and or all bids for any reason.

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