Limitations for Legal Services

Excluded from our advisory services are matters such as:

  • drafting and comprehensive review of individualized legal documents such as ordinances, contracts, or charters;
  • comprehensive review of specific applications before local administrative bodies;
  • on-site training and advice for an individual municipality;
  • routine litigation; and
  • direct representation or negotiation on a municipality’s behalf with third parties. 

Professional ethics may limit our involvement in certain matters, for example:

  • We cannot respond directly to inquiries from private citizens.
  • We cannot advise one municipality against another. Because we cannot ethically represent more than one side of an issue, we cannot respond directly to just one side of a dispute that involves two or more member municipalities and their officials. We may deal with these disputes if both parties involved provide us with a joint written request and agree that our response will be given to everyone concerned.
  • We cannot respond to questions on subjects outside an official’s area of responsibility. A high potential for conflict arises when one official inquires about another’s job responsibilities.
  • Associate and Individual members and Affiliate Group organizations are not eligible for our services.
  • We cannot respond to inquiries regarding the Association’s insurance programs. MMA insurance
    programs have their own legal counsel and any questions regarding coverage or other MMA insurance matters should be directed to the appropriate program.

    Updated 11/26/07
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